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Monday, October 28, 2019

How to Improve Your Nursing Career Through Specialization

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Achieving your goal of becoming a registered nurse is a great one, but it is far from the end of your career. Yes, you will have spent years working up to this point, and it could feel good to relax finally and just breathe for a moment, but for the sake of your future and your dreams, you have to carry on fighting on.

From becoming a midwife to a nurse anesthetist, there are so many great ways for you to focus your specialization in an area of medicine you feel passionately about. You will be able to make a change in the hospital and be well paid for your efforts.

To help direct you to the right area of specialization, and to finally make the leap into that specialized field, you will want to follow these steps.

Try to Work Around Different Departments

See if you can work horizontally across the career ladder and see how you feel about working in different departments. This way, you can get hands-on experience, meet the people in the department directly, and get a realistic expectation of what life would be like. You obviously won’t be able to work in the position you are thinking of specializing in, but getting a good feel for the department alone is worthwhile.

Focus on What Matters to You

Another way to decide on what specialization to invest in is to simply focus on what matters most to you. If you love children, then helping families with a midwifery specialization can be your calling. If you demand more fast-paced, life-saving action in your day to day, then being a nurse anesthetist is definitely the way to go.

Apply for Further Education

At this point, you know the drill. More complex theories and more advanced levels of education are necessary to take this next step in your career. The system is clear-cut and easy to understand, so as soon as you know which field is right for you it’s time to find a great local option or find an online degree you can take either part-time or at night.

Tips to Help You Pass The Boards

Graduating from a nursing degree is great, but as we all know, there is that pesky national exam to be taken after the fact. As most registered nurses won’t have the inclination or ability to stop work to attend school, the new information you have learned will have been spread over a large period of time.

It is not feasible to retain this information if you are not yet allowed to use it, which is why a review course before the exam is a great way to increase your chances of passing. Any future nurse anesthetist continuing education, for example, will want to review the entire course before the exam, which is why Valley Anesthesia offers review courses for the NCE and helps you improve your chances of passing the first time.

Specializing is how you take control over your career and put your hard work, knowledge, and years of experience to work in a field that you love. Being passionate and well paid is very possible, but only if you push past RN to further specializations.