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Monday, November 9, 2020

How to Throw an Excellent Bachelorette Party at Your House

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Nationwide — If you have been asked to be part of a bridal party, or have been offered the position of maid of honor, one of your duties is to throw the bride a fabulous bachelorette party. While some people might choose to jet off to a glamorous location for a long weekend or head out for a night on the town, the option to throw the party at your house is an under-rated choice that should be considered. Not only will it suit everyone’s budget, but it’s a great way to have some down to earth fun with your best gals. Here are a few tips on how to throw the perfect bachelorette party at home.

Hire a Bartender

No bachelorette party would be complete without some signature cocktails and champagne. You can head out to the store and stock up on drinks yourself, but if you want to add some glamour to evening look into hiring a private bartender to mix your drinks all night long. Companies like EventBartenders.com offer some great deals for wedding parties and other events to keep make your party extra special.

Play Some Games

A great way to keep the bridal party entertained is by getting everyone to join in and play some games on the night. There are tons of themed games you can play at the bachelorette, such as quizzes on how well everyone knows the bride, truth or dare, and Prosecco pong. It’s a great way to break the ice if some of the bridesmaids don’t know each other that well, and they’ll have you all laughing all night long.

Pamper Kits

Whether you all decide to relax with a glass of bubbly and a facemask that night or want to have something to help you get through the hangover the next day, putting together some pamper kits for the bridesmaids and bride could be a lovely touch that everyone will appreciate. You can buy small travel-sized goodies to put together in a gift bag or basket, facemasks, moisturizer, bath salts, and nail varnish are all good items to include.


There are two ways you can choose to provide food for your guests, either cook up some delicious party food or a meal yourself or all chip in and order take-out. The latter will mean a lot less work for you, and is usually the food of choice for girly nights in, too. Just remember to get a cake to mark the occasion, perhaps get a special novelty cake made at your local bakery or a selection of cupcakes.


While this is sure to be a night to remember, it’ll be a nice touch to give each of the guests something to take home with them after the party. Perhaps a photo of you all that they can have framed (which you can give them after the event), bracelet, or personalized T-shirt, all of which would make wonderful keepsakes.

You don’t have to break the bank to throw an incredible bachelorette party, stay at home and follow these tips to make it an amazing night they’ll never forget.