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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

14-Year Old Black Teen to Graduate College Next Year

Ian Taylor Schlitz, 14-year old boy who will graduate college

Fort Worth, TX — Ian Taylor Schlitz, a 14-year old teen from Texas, is now just one year away from completing his Bachelor’s degree. Currently enrolled as a full-time student at the University of North Texas, he is making his own way to the path that his older sister, Haley, took when she herself graduated college at 16-years old a few years ago.

Ian, like his sister, was tested highly gifted at a young age. Their parents decided to pull them from public school and have them homeschooled instead. At the age of 10, Ian was already taking college-level courses at Tarrant County College, where Haley also attended earlier.

After TCC, Ian began attending the University of North Texas. Haley, on the other hand, continued her studies at Texas Woman’s University where she graduated, got accepted to 9 law schools, and decided to enter Southern Methodist University Dedman where she is currently in her second year in law school.

Ian said he took advice from Haley regarding college and how he can manage his full course load better. He likes to focus on his studies but still manages to connect with his friends sometimes.

Moreover, Ian is managing his hobby-turned-business, Kidlamity Gaming, wherein he hosts video game tournaments for youth. Despite that, he hasn’t yet decided if he would pursue a career in animation or medicine but said he has still a lot of time.

“I’m not sure exactly what I want to do right now. I enjoy running my business… I think I may decide to get my MBA next. My mom is a physician, and I think I may want to be a physician someday. Luckily for me, I have time to pursue an MBA and still go to medical school if I want. That’s one of the best things about early college,” Ian told TCC News.

As their father, William Schlitz realized that parents should “get out of the way. I had to learn to stop trying to put them in the boxes we have created, based on age, in society. Once I learned that, I think I became a better, more supportive parent for their journeys,” he said.