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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Urban Economist and Futurist, Ida Byrd-Hill, to Keynote 2,000 Person Juneteenth Festival

Ida Byrd-Hill, author of Invisible Talent Market

Bookcover and author, Ida Byrd-Hill

Nationwide — Ida Byrd-Hill, known as an urban economist, futurist, radical transformer of 6 urban public schools and host of Automation Workz, an iSTEAM (invention, Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic Design and Mathematics) scavenger hunt held at the North American International Auto Show, will discuss the Power of the Black Economy at 1:45pm at the Detroit Book City Juneteenth Celebration on June 17, 2017.

Two thousand spectators will enjoy an afternoon with 40 African-American authors, historical reenactment storytelling, spoken word, live musical performances, KidZone, free health screenings, a host of musical selections by DJ Holly to celebrate freedom from slavery.

Ida says that while the Black community spends 1.3 trillion dollars annually, Blacks are invisible to:

* corporations who refuse to hire them;
* financial institutions who refuse to invest in their businesses;
* developers who refuse to build stores and malls to suit their luxury needs; and
* city leaders who refuse to provide luxury standard city services in neighborhoods where Black residents live.

She comments, “I will provide Black Detroit with economic data to remind residents that Detroit neighborhoods are still the Black Economic Mecca.”

Her keynote will also include excerpts from her newest book, Invisible Talent Market.

Invisible Talent Market is a Diversity & Inclusion guide, utilizing economic history of Blacks, to lay the foundation that grooming Blacks with digital business skills is a viable strategy to reduce America’s talent shortage, without outsourcing and visas, as Blacks satisfied the talent shortages of the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions. Ida will also be available 11am to 4pm to autograph the book. The book can be purchased online at www.invisibletalent.tech

Ida Byrd-Hill is the President of Uplift, Inc., a non-profit Tech Diversity & Inclusion firm where she utilizes her corporate experience in Executive Search, Finance, HR, Marketing and Sales to assist corporations develop technical employee talent. Ida has a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and a MBA from Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University. For more details about her firm, visit www.upliftinc.org


Ida Byrd-Hill