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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

New Book By 4 Georgia Inmates Features a Unique Collection of Writings

Incarcerated Sacrifices


Nationwide — Spearheaded by best-selling urban author Sa’id Salaam, Incarcerated Scarfaces is a collection of writings penned by four Georgia inmates. The book has life jewels and lessons that the average law-abiden citizen can appreciate, and it lends the incarcerated authors an outlet for their stories, as well as the ability to enable financial opportunities.

The royalties generated from book sales of Incarcerated Scarfaces go directly to the authors to help relieve some of the burdens on their loved ones, ongoing legal fees, and well as purchasing life essentials through commissary.

Salaam, who is well-respected as an author, has established quite an impressive catalog of over 70 self-published books. His popular stories are a hit with readers who have dubbed him the “Aesop” of urban literature.

But Salaam’s mission is to help other incarcerated authors get their stories published as well. In Incarcerated Scarfaces, he is joined by fellow best-selling author, Hood Chronicles, who also has an impressive lineup, as well as up-and-coming authors Billie Miff and newcomer Deshion Hightower.

A life sentence is usually the end of the road for an inmate. All that lies ahead are blood, sweat and years. Years of appeals for post-conviction relief. A handful will have sentences overturned or modified. The remainder die behind the wall.

Prison can be a treacherous place to exist in, and to survive, you have to honor the codes or die by them.

Rule number one: Do the time, don’t let the time do you – the adage many of America’s inmates live by. Men and women explore for leisures such as checkers, chess, or boardgames to ease the boredom. Others use sports and recreation, turning into fitness junkies. The others struggling to accept the reality of life behind bars turn to drugs.

The most intriguing of them all are the penitentiary scholars who write journals, letters, poems and even novels.

For more details about Incarcerated Scarfaces, visit www.SaidSalaam.com


Sa’id Salaam