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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

An Inspiring New Socio-Economic Movement is Welcoming Black Business Owners to Lock Arms With Its Growing Network

Every Black Person Has a Right to Enjoy Unlimited Privileges That Comes With Having a Business & This Inspiring Movement Will Empower Black Business Owners & Entrepreneurs All Across the Nation

Follow Black Dollars

Cleveland, OH — FollowBlackDollars is an inspiring American family owned social movement that is aimed at bringing awareness to the Black community regarding financial investments. The non-profit organization is basically aimed at building a network of Black-owned businesses and it is designed at bridging the gaps between consumers and shop owners. Moreover, the movement is also providing a key platform for small business to thrive by offering them innovative support.

“On July 21, 2018, I started FollowBlackDollars.org to help bring awareness to the black community of where we spend our money and this idea evolved very quickly into a movement.” Nichol Jennings-Goodman, the founder of this inspiring movement for the Black Americans. “In this very short time of only a few months and with just a hand full of participants, there are over 20,000 U.S. bills bearing the FOLLOWBLACKDOLLARS red stamp worldwide and these stamps basically become coupons at participating black-owned businesses,” she added.

The founder is now welcoming every Black business owner to become a part of this growing network play their role in changing the course of history for the Black community in the United States. Nichol is a retired Cleveland Policewoman and this organization has emerged as a nationwide movement in a few months’ time and new members are joining every day.

In addition, the organization requires every new member to make ‘a commitment to excellence’ and promise to be prompt, efficient, professional and courteous, give great customer service and provide a quality product and/or service. Each new member also pledges to be a cornerstone in the Black community and help the community members grow together. Moreover, the movement is not only playing a key role in strengthening the Black business owners in America but is also teaching them on how to make their business grow and how to get a higher volume of sales by offering exceptional customer services.

“Our aim is to provide Black-owned businesses with adequate connections to improve their brands making them remarkable and our website is also ever evolving,” said Nichol, while talking about the growing network. “I believe FBD is the mortar to connect the bridges between all Black empowerment groups and the Black community,” she added. The organization follows various strategies including mentorships, workshops and consultation along with many other ways of helping its growing network of members. The founder also thanked Kasstech Consulting Firm, a Black-owned and operated firm for hosting its website.

For more information and to become a part of this inspiring movement for the Black community, please visit the website at www.followblackdollars.org


Nichol Jennings-Goodman
(440) 895-7193

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