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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Conference to Host 200 of the Nation’s Most Skilled Black Thinkers to Examine Solutions For Racism in America

William Maxwell, founder of International Conference on Thinking

Nationwide — Professor William Maxwell, founder of The International Conference on Thinking XIX® (ICOT), is inviting high-achievement-oriented families to delegate at least one skillful thinker to attend a conference dedicated to ending racism.

Since the birth of this country, several distinguished scholars have warned that, like a cancer, racism would cause the death of democracy in America. The French nobleman, Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835; Sweden’s Nobel Laureate Gunnar Myrdal’s An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy, 1944, Harvard psychologist Gordon Allport’s, The Nature of Prejudice, 1954, and many others warned that unless remedied, racism would cause “the streets of America to run red with blood.” Although “democracy” and the equality of humans is the official creed of America, Myrdal found that only 2% of American Whites believed in the equality of the races as taught by all the revealed religions of God.

According to Harvard psychiatrist Martha Stout, 4% of the American population are sociopaths and are apparently growing in number. In 2020, several extremist White Power organizations, one with more than 5,000,000 followers, urge Whites to buy more guns and ammunition and get ready for a race war that they hope to instigate around the 2020 elections. Their hidden goal is genocide. Thus, the urgency of this Emergency Summit Conference.

The International Conference on Thinking XIX® will take place in Hot Springs, Arkansas on December 26-30, hosted by The Genius Discovery Academy, along with several other non-profits. Professor William Maxwell founded ICOT in 1982 at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji, as a “problem-solving, interdisciplinary conference.” The primary focus of the first ICOT was the falling IQ of children around the world and research on raising the intelligence of all humans. That First ICOT was financed by the University of the South Pacific, the governments of Fiji, Finland, Kiribati, the United Kingdom, the United States, and 250 scholars from 41 universities in 14 nations. ICOT has been tested and proven to be a beneficial “think tank” growing to over 3,000 participants internationally, including in places like Singapore, Stockholm, and Melbourne.

During the five-days, conference participants will begin by reviewing Jesus Christ’s Eleventh Commandment as the primary cure for most social problems. The conference will continue by reviewing Harvard’s Gordon Allport’s psychological developmental solution and Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman’s capitalistic solution. As the thinkers progress through the Conference they will propose specific actions for parents, educators, entrepreneurs, and financial institutions. (Professor Friedman argued that governments are incompetent in educational matters.) A unique feature of the conference will be demonstrations on how to find a child’s genius before age 8 by Harvard-trained Professor William Maxwell based on his research with over 1600 six-year-olds in Suva, Fiji, and the brain studies of Japan’s music educator Shin-Ichi Suzuki and Kisou Kubota, MD, Ph.D., a neurophysiologist at Kyoto University.

Attendance is by Invitation Only. Notice of this Emergency Summit on Racism is being sent to every civil rights organization, Historically Black Colleges & Universities, and every Black learned society in America. However, due to the pandemic and practical limitations on size, this year’s ICOT XIX is limited to 200 persons: 100 proven, mature thinkers, and 100 fresh, young thinkers, ages 12-25. CDC Protocols will be followed; face shields and masks will be provided to and required of all participants.

Cost to attend: Mature problem solvers, $1,000; Students, $250. All are responsible for travel and per diem.

For more information, contact 404-323-1403 or professorwilliammaxwell3@gmail.com

For application procedures, visit the official website at InternationalConferenceonThinkingXIX.com