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Monday, March 14, 2016

International Natural Hair Meetup Day, the World’s #1 Multi-City Natural Hair Meetup, Announces 2016 Title Sponsor and Cities

Adeea Rogers

INHMD Founder, Adeea Rogers, pictured with 2015 INHMD Sponsor Products

Nationwide — Natural hair and beauty maven Adeea Rogers officially announces Made Beautiful as the 2016 International Natural Hair Meetup Day title sponsor. This year’s meetup day will be held May 21, 2016. The CEO of Made Beautiful, LLC says, “We have an innate passion for helping others reach their fullest potential. We believe everyone is made unique, made confident, made beautiful.”

It’s in that same spirit that Rogers, widely known as speaker/vlogger ‘The Trendy Socialite’, was first inspired to create the meetup a little over four years ago.

The International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD) is an annual one-day event whose purpose is to allow an opportunity for women worldwide to meet in their own communities while networking, sharing, and virtually meeting other women participating in same day meetups cross country. Natural hair meetups are events designed to inform, share, inspire, and aid individuals in their natural hair journey.

INHMD collaborates with some of the premiere natural hair care brands to help its attendees find products to help them care and style their hair. Since it’s been in action, the worldwide meetup has garnered the attention of the industry’s most notable naturalistas; not to mention its placed founder Adeea Rogers at the helm of live chats hosted by award winning publications Essence Magazine and the Huffington Post.

This year some of the participating meetup locations will include:
Frankfurt, Germany, London, UK, Buffalo, NY, Oklahoma City, OK, Montclair, NJ, Danville, IL, Los Angeles, CA, St. Louis, MI, Sumter, SC, Memphis, TN, Sierra Vista, AZ, and New York City, NY.

Visit www.inhmd.net for a full list of sponsors, meetups, locations, times, and vendors.


About Adeea Rogers “The Trendy Socialite”
Adeea Rogers is a multifaceted creative professional who currently manages the social media for one of the largest departments in the Student Affairs Division of East Carolina University. In addition to this, she is the creator of International Natural Hair Meetup Day. She loves to motivate and train those who have an interest in planning events or developing their niche and voice in the natural hair, beauty, fashion and wellness communities. In order to engage with people who seek to create their voice, Adeea holds various webinars that average 40 people per session. She continues to make her mark on the media and beauty industries by building, engaging and motivating leaders as a North American Ambassador for Hootsuite. Visit Adeea’s official website at www.TrendySocialite.com


Adeea Rogers