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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Single Mom Tried to Kill Herself and Her 5 Children After Learning Her Boyfriend is Married

Itasha Brunson, mother of 5 children

Nationwide — Many people were shocked when Itasha Brunson, a mother of five from Mississippi, documented her attempt to take the lives of herself and her five children on Facebook Live. She says that she wanted to commit suicide after finding out that her boyfriend was already married. Moments later, she was involved in a very serious car accident.

In the almost-20-minute video, Brunson said that she wanted to commit suicide and decided to also include her daughters as she wanted someone to “come with her.”

After posting her live video, Itasha reportedly was involved in a multi-car accident on I-240 in Memphis, Tennessee, according to The Courier Daily. Brunson was reportedly taken to the hospital with two of her children for treatment on their non-critical injury.

After receiving backlash online, Brunson claimed that she didn’t really want to commit suicide and was just badly hurt upon knowing that her boyfriend was actually a married man.

Many people were concerned about her mental health following the incident. Others said she just wanted attention, for which she said she felt they were judging her too harshly. A GoFundMe page has been set up under her name.