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Monday, December 3, 2018

Black Woman Entrepreneur Launches New Internet Radio Station That Plays All Types of Genres of Music

Black-owned Radio Station

New York, NY — J. Reid, an African American entrepreneur and producer, has launched WGLR-DB Get Live Radio – a brand new Internet radio station intent on bringing nothing but the hottest music worldwide to the masses. Based in New York City, Get Live Radio is the brainchild of J1st Media, LLC, a music production company that specializes in production for radio, film, video games & musical artists.

Get Live Radio offers a wide variety of music from well-known artists & brand new music from independent artists. Get Live’s aim is to introduce music circulating on the underground scene but still play the most popular hits dominating the top 40. Get Live offers an original program line-up with music from a number of different genres that include Alternative music, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Pop, Jazz, House & more.

The program line-up is as diverse as the DJs who have programs on this station. As mentioned, GLR offers a variety of musical genre as well as a mix of well-known & Independent musical artists. The show called The UndaGround Sound plays a mixture of the latest music from the top 40 charts & new music from independent artists. The show Funky DJ plays an hour long DJ mix from DJs worldwide giving the program a mix tape type of feel. Offering a splash of reggae music is the show called Da Riddim; the show Rock Out plays rock/alternative music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & today.

The program called Old School plays hip hop music from yesteryear while Julius “Jammin’” JD mellows the pace with his show Storm Between the Sheets, a show that plays the smoothest R&B from today & back in the day. Kevin “Sugar Daddy” Woodley, former A&R executive of Atlantic Records who has worked with standout heavy hitters in the music industry including the late great Sylvia Rhone, I.N.T.R.O., En Vogue, MC Lyte, Glen Jones, & more has an R&B mix show on the station that plays daily. DJ Callie Ban’s resume includes radio shows on WBLS, iHeart Radio & Power 105. He currently has a radio series on Get Live Radio called Under the Influence which plays a variety of musical genres every Friday at 9pm.

DJ Kurupt who has worked with well-known artists such as Nicki Minaj, NeYo, 50 Cent & more has his show StreetCorner Radio playing on Saturdays at 8pm. Bassist Warren Cox hosts The Jazz Hour on Sundays at 10pm & hailing from London is Matt Barker’s show The Deuce Show, a show that plays an array of music from Independent artists. Last but not least is the new talk series Trevor Blackman Now covering politics, education, sport, entertainment, music & business. Hosted by social & cultural entrepreneur Trevor Blackman, this show broadcasts from the heart of London (England); Trevor is the recipient of the Judges’ Award 2016 & the Thames Gateway Business Awards 2016.

WGLR Get Live Radio was derived as a way to enforce diversity and creativity. The programming aims to entertain a variety of demographics as opposed to just one group. There is music for hip hop fans but it does not neglect anyone who is a fan of Rock & Alternative, Reggae, Pop or Jazz music. Get Live Radio knows that the world consists of many diverse groups, therefore we aim to entertain the world.


A note on the creator of Get Live Radio
WGLR-DB Get Live Radio is a subsidiary of J1st Media, LLC (www.j1stmediallc.com) a music production company based in New York City. J. Reid is the owner & CEO/Founder of J1st Media, LLC & WGLR-DB Get Live Radio. J. Reid is a music producer, lyricist/songwriter, composer & entrepreneur. Reid’s radio creations include the shows The Jazz Hour, Old School, Da Riddim, Rock Out, UndaGround Sound, & Funky DJ each show’s introduction music was produced by J1st Media, LLC. Check out Get Live Radio, visit www.getliveradio.com and enjoy the experience.


J. Reid
WGLR-DB Get Live Radio
c/o J1st Media, LLC