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Monday, February 6, 2017

New Social Media Platform Promotes Group Economics Through Bridge Building Efforts

Jackie Hoskie, founder of Debridge2GE

Jackie Hoskie, founder of Debridge2GE

Nationwide — Jackie Hoskie and her business partner Kyle McIver want to bridge the gap to collectively strengthen the black community through group economics. That’s one reason why she launched DeBridge2ge.com – a social media platform which promotes unity and economic empowerment!

“We want to provide a central location where we can support our businesses” said Hoskie, a native of Richmond, VA. “We have black business owners who have goods and services that many of us would pay for if we only knew where to connect with them,” she said.

Her target audiences are individuals or groups who are interested in participating in group economics as a means of social change; men & women who own businesses or provide products and services and everyday consumers.

“Business knowledge and financial literacy is most often passed down to us rather than learned in school,” said Hoskie. “Coming from communities with limited business ownership makes passing that knowledge on to others more difficult,” she said.

According to Hoskie, DeBridge is more than a social media site, it is a movement.

“We have to shift the paradigm in how we think about each other, our community, our businesses, our institutions and unity,” she said. “We would like to be the catalyst for a change to more socially conscious and deliberate spending patterns amongst our people.”

Group economics is a philosophy that promotes the growth of a self-sustaining, vibrant economy that builds and supports a strong economic community.

Part of the platform’s philosophy is to provide the infrastructure to make is easy for individuals to actively engage in group economics directly from a smart phone.

Unlike some social media platforms, DeBridge provides hands-on expertise from success leaders in the specific industries.

“They are committed to the community and offer their knowledge and resources to empower and serve our users,” said Hoskie.

Hoskie says “I became passionate about creating DEBRIDGE after I took an online Powernomics class by Dr. Claude Anderson. I asked myself: “How can I, along with Dr. Claude Anderson, not only bring awareness of the dire need to practice group economics but also provide a vehicle to do so? After all, it’s like what Maya Angelou says: ‘When you know better, you do better.’… I’m confident that once our community becomes exposed to messaging of Dr. Claude Anderson, Marcus Garvey, among many others that they will begin to start to actively engage in a form of economic collectivism. I know I have.”

The name of DeBridge came about after Hoskie’s cousin, Darrell Flythe, said she was gifted with bridging and connecting people.

“I thought that was a perfect name for this online community where I’m able to connect people and myself with information, a support system, and the resources needed to effortlessly practice group economics,” said Hoskie.

To become connected, go to www.debridge2ge.com

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Jackie Hoskie