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Monday, February 20, 2023

Black Author Says 8-Year-Old Nephew Inspired Her New Book That Helps Kids with Basic Counting Skills

Jacqueline Renee and her nephew, Ethan

Nationwide — Meet Jacqueline Renee and her 8-year-old nephew, Ethan, who she says inspired her to write and release her second children’s book entitled Follow Me and Count to 10! in hardback format on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book retail platforms.

Jacqueline opens the storybook by introducing the readers to the main character who is named after Ethan and his giraffe pal named G. The best friends then engage its young learners to follow them on a fun-filled poetic journey in learning to count to ten! Follow Me and Count to 10! helps children identify and build the basic foundational math counting skills from one to ten as the duo goes boating, biking, roller skating, and more!

With full-color illustrations and fun activities following Ethan and G, Follow Me and Count to 10! will help hold the attention of its young learners and make learning to count to ten exciting and fun!

Jacqueline shared her reasons and similarities in writing her second children’s book: “Children are captivated by bright and different colors, animals, and animation. I also love to bring animals to life through animation in my children’s books because children love animals, and it helps make learning easy and fun!”

>b?About the author:
Jacqueline Renee is a certified public accountant and works for the federal government in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The former children’s church teacher also volunteers at youth school outing events. She is the auntie of Ethan (who is portrayed in Follow Me and Count to 10!) and his brother Rylan, and considers herself a favorite cousin to all of her teen and younger cousins.

For press inquiries or media interviews, contact Jacqueline Renee at jacqueline@jreneebooks.com

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