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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Black Woman Proves Successful with Structured Writing Model for Low-Performing Students & Adult Learner Drop-Outs

Jacqueline T. Hill, founder of the Writing Your Best program

Jacqueline T. Hill, founder of the ‘Writing Your Best’ program

Arlington, TX — Another teacher exits the classroom. But, it’s not because of the stresses, classroom behaviors and loads of paperwork. Teachers have 50 minutes to teach your 8th grader or high school child how to write. This is not enough time to prepare struggling writers for various careers and college. A frustrated Jacqueline T. Hill left the classroom mid-year to launch a new system that gives more time to writers. She knows good writing requires a patient and well experienced trainer to nurture struggling writers.

Jacqueline T. Hill’s ‘Writing Your Best’ is one such program that is now offered free through growing partnerships in the neighboring communities. There is also an online course available for homeschooled students, struggling writers from middle school to high school and adult learners.

The program and course structure focuses on essay writing. “As a certified former high school English teacher, I’ve witnessed thousands of students not write adequately and on grade level,” says Jacqueline. Due to lack of sufficient classroom time, writing skills are weak, and learner performance doesn’t meet state or testing standards. Many parents feel horrible because they lack knowledge in writing areas. “Seeing this increasing problem for over ten years is disheartening,” she adds.

It is common for both students and adults to find it hard to write, and often large sums of money is spent for tutorials that fail to meet their state objectives. Through formal analysis, research and evaluation measures, she developed a writing structure which has proved successful in building the struggling writers stamina, confidence and writing style. It provides eight tools and strategies to effectively compose a complete essay.

Using a direct teaching and engaging model, the program uses eight tools and strategies in a fun learning environment along with course material. Jacqueline rolls up her sleeves, prepares the learners for an awesome journey. And, together they begin to transform into writers. The learners are taught to write from deep places of the heart and mind—using prior knowledge in ways, which compels readers to enjoy the expedition.

The ‘Writing Your Best’ course is structured to make learners grasp the fundamentals of writing in an easy way. Among other things, students will get over 2 hours of instructions on organizing thoughts and ideas on any given topic, structure and write complete paragraphs in the form of introductions, body and conclusion, draft a thesis statement, and learn to revise and edit quickly. Apart from administering this online course, Jacqueline is also available for private tutoring via Skype and in person.

Jacqueline T. Hill’s writing model has shown amazing results, with students quickly learning to move beyond writing three general statements, and connect their writing to their lives or given prompts, craft paragraphs and develop thesis statements.

For more details, visit her web site at www.thelivingacts.com


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