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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Book Reveals the Truth About Ferguson, Missouri’s Ongoing White Supremacy

— Jamala Rogers, author of “Ferguson is America: Roots of Rebellion” says that Ferguson city officials continue to refuse to acknowledge its past and current racist practices and to embrace racial progress.

Ferguson is America By Jamala Rogers

Bookcover and author, Jamala Rogers

Ferguson, MO — “The Ferguson establishment’s decision to buck the Department of Justice’s consent decree reflects its stubborn zeal to uphold white supremacy.” That was the response of Jamala Rogers to news that Ferguson officials would rather squander taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars to fight a lawsuit by the DOJ than to advance racial equity for the city. Rogers is a long-time organizer in St. Louis and author of the nationally acclaimed book, Ferguson is America: Roots of Rebellion.

Rogers went on to say that even with all of the pressure that Ferguson has received since the police murder of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014, city officials refuse to acknowledge its past and current racist practices and to embrace racial progress.

Rogers has been traveling across the country as part of a book tour to campuses from Harvard University to the University of San Diego. She has spoken to audiences from Baltimore, MD to Oakland, CA. — all curious about the circumstances that led to the weeks of uprising in the St. Louis area and which ultimately reverberated around the world. Her book, Ferguson is America: Roots of Rebellion, gives valuable insight into the escalating political and economic conditions that finally exploded on that sweltering day in August.

A founding member of organizations like the Organization for Black Struggle and the Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression, Rogers has worked for decades to demand police accountability. She helped to lead the protracted fight for the City of St. Louis’ historic Civilian Oversight Board. The COB was recently put in place as part of an organized effort to give citizens the quality of public safety they rightfully deserve.


Ferguson is America: Roots of Rebellion
By Jamala Rogers
ISBN: 631101617
Paperback: 135 pages
Available on www.fergusonamerica.com and Amazon.com



“Jamala Rogers offers valuable insight into the causes of the acts like that which occurred here in Ferguson in 2014. Being a resident of Ferguson myself, I think this book really speaks the sentiment felt from ground-zero of the protest, a viewpoint that was overlooked by story-thirsty media groups who came, got ratings, then left. This book is a good read.” — G. Avery

“This collection of essays/articles/etc. is exceptional. One of the biggest obstacles our country faces in trying to overcome issues of race, is misconception. Primarily using St. Louis county as hers lens, Rogers does an amazing job of bringing clarity to exactly what’s going on in our country writ large (and how long it’s been happening)…. Ms. Rogers is giving all of America a sobering primer regarding the dynamics of race in our country. And anyone who reads it, will most certainly consider it a call to action as well.” — M. Watkins


Jamala Rogers is a freelance writer, community organizer and speaker. She is author of two books and blogs at www.jamalarogers.com.


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