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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

8-Year Old with ADHD and Mother are Both Best-Selling Authors

Jamarion and Kendra Rainey

National best-selling author of 30 books, Kendra Rainey-King and young author Jamarion Rainey, with his debut book ADHD and Me: The Key

Dallas, TX — Child author Jamarion Rainey will make his first public appearance at the 1st African American Dallas Lit Book Expo on June 22 with his first book, ADHD and Me: The Key. The 8-year old author and student will introduce his first book, which was written to help children who may suffer from ADHD and its seriousness through the experiences and adventures of his characters from behaviors at home and school, hailing from ADHD. Jamarion was diagnosed with ADHD in 2014 and it was a big-deal to cope with and a lot of people don’t understand it or take it seriously.

Jamarion is now eight years old and an Amazon children’s book best-seller. He wanted other children like him to know that everything will be okay. He wanted people to know his story because a lot of people don’t know what ADHD is, how it affects your life, and the steps to take to help guide other children through it.

“Jamarion experienced a lot of turmoil in his previous school because the school was not privy of ADHD and its seriousness. It was overwhelming at times, but we’re growing through it with him. We just sat down one day and talked about his feelings and concerns. He told me he wanted others to understand him and at that point I helped him with his first book,” his mother Kendra says.

In his debut book, Jamarion introduces his character as a young boy struggling with ADHD throughout his home life and school life. Various issues arise that make focusing and retaining information a little harder to grasp than usual. The journey he takes you on is a true journey not only for himself but for others as well. Jamarion’s ultimate goal is to have his book available in elementary schools all over the country to help aid as many students as possible. Jamarion even made a family video with his mother, brother and father titled: ADHD and Me: The Key. In this short music video, Jamarion shared his most intimate thoughts in a rap with ADHD. The video can be found on his mother’s Facebook and Instagram page.

“I want to be a good example for my brother and I want to be better every day and show other kids like me that you can still be a good student with ADHD,” Jamarion commented as he smiled bashfully.

“I never thought my third grader would be a best-selling author. We were just wanting to help other kids and I never imagined this,” Kendra says. “It came natural to me because I am an author but I am truly blown away by the response of his book. The Kindle version really opened a lot of doors for him and I wasn’t expecting this outcome.”

Jamarion’s first book was accepted into the Dallas Public Library and will be cataloged in 2019. Copies for school libraries can be purchased from Amazon, theblurb.com or www.storyjumper.com

It’s definitely not easy being a wife, mother, publisher, author and working for a university but Kendra is compelled to excel. “I have a passion for writing and I love to write about real life situations that anyone can relate to. I also make sure that every book I write, leaves a message of self-love, accountability and reflection,” author Kendra stated. “I started writing when I was in the eighth grade and then I took a passion for R.L. Stine and Stephen King. However, when I started my ninth-grade year, I fell in love with the urban genre as well with authors like: Terry McMillian, Sista Souljah, Nikki Turner, Omar Tyree, Zane, and Eric Jerome Dickey. So, I started writing my first urban book in 2005, which was my senior year, I published this book in 2007 but this agent moved far away and I never heard from her again, neither did I receive any royalties from it. I hit a hard place at this time in my life and stopped writing because I was embarrassed, discouraged and most of all depressed. It was until I worked at a call center years later and one day scrolled down my Facebook to see an ad for a publisher accepting submissions. I prayed about it and thought to give it a try, so I started writing again and submitted to this publisher and was accepted no more than two weeks after the submission. This was in 2014, and now I am a best-selling author with 30 books to my name and a publishing company under Royalty House Publishing called Curvy Girl Publications. I am super proud of myself and what it took for me to get here because it taught me the “book game,” and how to handle myself in the book world.”

Currently, Kendra is helping Jamarion on his second book, No Bullying Zone, which is scheduled for release in May. She is also working on her two novels set to come out January 2019. Kendra Rainey-King is the publisher for Curvy Girl Publications where they celebrate women of all shapes and sizes so whether your heroine is curvy or not, she has several different romance novels. Both mother and son are best-selling Black Authors with a passion for writing. You can find Kendra’s Amazon here: www.amazon.com/author/kendrarainey and Jamarion’s Amazon author profile: www.amazon.com/Jamarion-Rainey/e/B07GSGVKL1/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

For more details, visit www.curvygirlpub.com

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