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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

New York Poet/Photographer, James D. Sewell, Releases Controversial New Book of Photography and Poetry

“Dr. King dishonored on his grave (page 59)… the incomparable beauty of Black Women… stop and frisk… a photographic and poetic tribute to Miles Davis and Malcolm X… are just a few of the things I wrote about.”

James D. Sewell, photographer and author of I Love Supreme

James D. Sewell, photographer and author of Images of the Love Supreme: A Journey into Higher Self

New York, NY — “Every journey begins with the first step. The first step of this journey is a re-introduction to ‘The Spiritual Truths’ that define our ‘Real Humanity,’” writes N.Y. poet/photographer James D. Sewell, in the introduction of his newly published book of award winning photography and poetry, entitled, Images of the Love Supreme: A Journey into Higher Self. (“Preview The Journey-YouTube”)

Mr. Sewell is a professional photographer/writer, from New York City, whose photographic and poetic essays record the beauty and grace, history and culture of African-American people. His business card reads, “Photographer of the Classic Nude.”

“I have traveled all over America in search of genuine stories by and about genuine people”, Mr. Sewell said in a recent interview, “…in my travels I have seen the best we can be and the worst… in my poetry and photography, I have presented both.”

In the introduction, he writes, “Truth has the ‘power to heal’, to release us from a painful past, to free us to grow, spiritually and emotionally, as individuals, as a people, and as lovers and friends.”

He continues on, “As we go farther into our ‘Journey Into Higher Self.’ we discover a timeless truth… we are a beautiful people, in spirit, in form, in totality… on into the journey, we re-discover the unparalleled beauty of the Black woman in all her natural and spiritual splendor…then, the Black man, in all his natural and spiritual power.”

“The message of my book is simple,” Mr. Sewell says. “It is about re-discovering our true beauty… my poetry is about recognizing our true spiritual nature… my photography is about documenting our real lives and history.”

Mr. Sewell’s poetry and stylish nude photography place him among the top photographers in NYC and he is regarded by many as a major new influence in the creative arts. His broad poetic perspective evolved from his lifelong research into the spiritual philosophy, “The Principles of The Science of Mind.”


Alfred Paul

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