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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Black Author and Civil Engineer Pens Book to Encourage Girls of Color to Explore Male-Dominated Fields

Raising awareness of STEM possibilities for girls is at the heart of this uplifting story.

Jamila H. Lindo, author of 'Girls Can Be Engineers'

Nationwide — When civil engineer Jamila H. Lindo was pursuing her degree, she noticed that she was often the only female or Black female in her classes. And when tutoring youth students, they were often confused or surprised why she chose the field of study that she did. Realizing that this was a lack of exposure and understanding when it came to engineering and other male-dominated fields, Lindo turned to writing her newly released children’s book, Girls Can Be Engineers, as a tool to inspire girls, especially those of color.

In Lindo’s beautifully illustrated book, a young girl named Hannah is very excited for Career Day at her school and to choose a career that’s right for her. But each time she thinks she’s picked one that’s perfect, she’s told that she can’t do something that’s meant only for boys.

Feeling discouraged, Hannah approaches her mom, a structural engineer, who ensures her that she can do anything.

Through her uplifting story, Lindo wants her young readers to understand that neither gender nor race should affect one’s decisions, especially with regard to pursuing what you love. “There are many untrue stereotypes associated with women, especially those of color, when it comes to our capabilities. I really hope to normalize the image of successful women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) so as children grow, they do not question it,” says Lindo.

With Girls Can Be Engineers, Lindo brings an empowering story for all the little girls like Hannah, sharing that with determination and tenacity, they can be anything they dream—just like boys. Lindo says, “I promised myself that I would become an author one day, but I wanted to do so in a way where I could contribute and create an impact. I think that is the purpose of a great book…to teach us a lesson to help us become better people.”

Lindo holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with minors in Environmental Engineering and Religious Studies from Manhattan College. She recently graduated from Columbia University with her masters in Construction Administration. Girls Can Be Engineers is her debut children’s book.

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