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Thursday, October 4, 2018

African American Poet Releases New Book With Poems That Explore the Heart of Today’s Woman

Janet Autherine, author of Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul

Bookcover and author, Janet Autherine

Orlando, FL — Words have long been regarded as a means to wellness. In moments of crisis and frustration, a phone call from sister-friends and family can serve as a woman’s lifeline. When those who would serve as a support system are unavailable, comfort can be found in prayer, a song, or poetry.

The genre of inspirational poetry has encouraged scores of people. Revered poets, William Ernest Henley, author of “Invictus.” and Robert Frost, author of “The Road Not Taken,” offered hope and inspiration for decades. Author, Janet Autherine’s newly released title, Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul: Poems & Inspiration to Live and Love Harmoniously (available on Amazon), was written to be a source of inspiration to women of this generation who lead with their hearts, especially young women.

An attorney-at-law by trade, helping others has always been her passion. Autherine recognized that many women choose to face personal struggles by isolating themselves, out of fear or embarrassment or the need to show strength even when feeling vulnerable. Motivated by her faith and passion for writing, she created this book of inspirational poetry to capture the pain and struggle of women who love deeply and pour into others without first filling their own jars. Both strength and vulnerability are recurring themes, as well as embracing self-love and reclaiming your heart.

Wild Hearts, Peaceful Soul: Poems & Inspiration to Live and Love Harmoniously is a 170-page book that reminds us that moments of despair and heartache are a normal part of life’s journey but are also only temporary.

“Heartbreak, rejection, abandonment are universal struggles, even though they may cause us to feel alone,” says Autherine. “Regardless of how others may have treated us in the past, we are worthy of love. We are not alone; our friends are facing very similar struggles. We have to love ourselves enough to allow those past hurts to heal, so that we can live and love in a physically and emotionally healthy way.”


About the Author:
Janet Autherine is the founder of Autherine Publishing and author of Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul: Poems & Inspiration to Live and Love Harmoniously. Born in St. Thomas, Jamaica, she moved to the United States at age 12, settling in Philadelphia. Janet is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Boston College Law School, and the Georgetown University School of Law. Her poetry is inspired by her own journey of the past 30 years, and also explores the hearts of women from around the world. She hopes that her poetry collection resonates with women globally, and becomes a catalyst for healing and empowerment. For more details, visit her official web site at www.JanetAutherine.com

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