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Friday, November 6, 2020

Jay Cameron’s New Children’s Book Series Emphasizes Africa Travel Adventures

Jay Cameron, author of children's books about African travel

Washington, DC — Author, playwright, and philanthropist Jay Cameron introduces two books in a series about the amazing adventures of twins Darren and Destiny as they travel to African diaspora destinations around the world.

In the books, Cameron draws on his experience after his life-changing trip to Ghana to write seven children’s books about the beauty, culture, and history of several countries in Africa. He says that much of the information he was taught about Africa was inaccurate, negative, and misleading.

His first-hand experiences with children inspired him to offer an accurate portrayal of one of the most beautiful continents in the world. The series was written for children ages six through ten, but all ages can learn about the popular landmarks and the traditions of the people.

In The Adventures of Darren and Destiny: Ghana, Darren, Destiny, and their parents take their first trip abroad to Accra, Ghana in Africa. They experience the amazing culture and history of the West African gem. While traveling to some of Ghana’s most popular landmarks, they meet Nana, Esi, Philip, and Isaac along the way. They venture deep inside the cocoa forest and watch artisans make original African art. Darren and Destiny ask why they haven’t seen these things on television in America.

In The Adventures of Darren and Destiny: Tanzania, Darren and Destiney join their parents for an amazing Serengeti safari adventure in Tanzania located in East Africa. They travel with Godfrey, their tour guide. They observe animals in their natural habitat, jumped with the Maasai tribe, and learned how to make fire. They also catch a birds-eye-view of the Serengeti on a spectacular balloon ride. The twins share a special birthday celebration they will not forget.

More upcoming books in this series include Zanzibar: The Spice Island, Conquering Kilimanjaro: Journey to the Summit, Ethiopia: The Land of Origins, Salvador, Bahia: A Taste of Africa in Brazil, and Benin and Togo: Hidden Treasures.

For parents looking to expose their children to the beauty, art, music, traditions, landmarks, and many cultures of African countries and counter the westernized narrative, this book series is an excellent tool. The illustrations are beautiful and capture the true essence of Africa in its glory.

Learn more about Jay Cameron at JayCameron.com

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