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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Researcher Calls For Black Americans to Join Tribe Established With the United Nations to Receive Diplomatic Immunity and Protection

ADSN, the UN filed ADÓS/Black-founded independent, sovereign tribal-nation government engaged in North America development and future trade agreements with several international governments, is seeking shareholders and others who have talents in social media, government development, and international protection (automatic war crimes & government fines) on racist cops who murder unarmed Black people.

Jay Stubbs

Pittsburgh, PA — For the last 30 years, beginning in 1990, a project was hatched to definitively empower Afrikan-American people up and beyond America’s white privileged society and said society’s 400+ year engrained, allowed, violent racism towards Black people. This project, began by brothers Rev. Dr. Jay Stubbs and Min. Sharrief Muhammad identified all neglected aspects necessary for an “Independence Black Empowerment Project” which first formed as an economic blueprint later codenamed by Sharrief “Root2Root” (aka R2R) entailing U.S. Black businesses placing shares in a collective pot and having Afrikan nations/investors take shares in exchange for capital and goods giving the investors an incentive as shareholders in the success of R2R. Meanwhile, R2R would benefit from the economic dynamics between Black America and Afrika.

However, upon being inspired by the need for ‘Collective Black Global Economics’ teachings of Prof. Dr. Moriba Kelsey, the R2R focus morphed into a blueprint for an independent U.S. Black tribal-nation with a fully blueprinted 3 section, multi-departmentalized, 4 tiered government incorporating R2R to be founded by ADÓS/Black people.

In 2017, the R2R tribal nation concept was concretely named Wa’Ya-Simba Afra’ni tribal-Nation (WSAtN) and its international government the Afra’ni Democratic Socialist Nation (ADSN) of N. America. As Stubbs explains, “ADÓS/Blacks are the only people on the entire planet ever who do not have their own unique nationality that embodies their personal journey as a people due to chattel slavery. “Wa’Ya” is Cherokee for WOLF representing N. America, and “Simba” is Swahili representing Afrika, respectively, denoting multiple dual heritage aspects of all ADÓS/Blacks in N. America. And “Afra’ni” (hyphenated) was manifested slowly and very specifically over 14-15 years thru meditation, prayer, and chanting as a new ADÓS/Black nationality which meant in ancient sound chant royal/divine language “(Warrior) Children of God, Universe & Man Forevermore” designed to uplift the dignity, and commune with the ancestral spirits, as a substitute for “no nationality Black” having both an adverse subconscious effect designed by ingeniously wicked slavemasters, and literally not being a nationality. Weigh the set definitions of “Afra’ni” and “Black” and decide for yourself.”

Over the years, many brilliant, sincere, unconditional Black empowerment people have contributed to what would become WSAtN-ADSN. Despite the loss of comrades and unfortunate life events, and naysayers citing the limits of national laws as their reasoning, Stubbs & S.Muhammad “stayed committed to a global market-focused, independent-sovereign Black-founded government solution for the 1000s of injustices inflicted upon N. America Black citizens generation after generation.”

In 2018, a consensus was taken by trusted circle members and it was decided for WSAtN-ADSN to officially launch on Spring Equinox 2020, so on March 19, 2020, ADSN declared its independence and quietly filed its ‘Notice of Independence, Identity, Nationality, Sovereign Government’ and flag with the Secretary General’s Office, United Nations on August 28, 2020. As a UN legal requirement for governments to have a “public presence”, ADSN created a prelim website, GoFundMe, and prelim Embassy listing on Google (i.e. current ADSN Embassy listing is a “public notice only” until working offices are established in NY & DC.)


#1. On January 12, 2021, ADSN applying the R2R principle, has created 1,000,000 shares, optioning 200,000 on several tiers at $40ea. [note:1000 ADSN shares are optioned “SPECIAL” gratuitous shares for productive ADÓS/Black developers and productive ADÓS/Social Influencers.] This is consistent with R2R’s emphasis on ADÓS/Black “Community Wealth Economics” and creating avenues of “Generational Wealth.” This is prior notice to an official public announcement once we acquire a Pro-ADSN attorney who will facilitate shares.

#2. As of January 14, 2021, it has been set that all ADSN investor shares shall commence upon ADSN’s successful UN member date targeting 2023-2024 or after a registration drive of 1m ADÓS/Blacks (men, women, and their children) who want their own (a) nationality w/ADSN 2nd Photo ID, (b) nation, (c) government, (c) dual citizenship with dual benefits (as ADSN has an official “non-Hostile, non-aggression” co-habitation policy to Canada, US & Mexico), (d) no employment taxation from non-ADSN governments, (e) share of ADSN’s plan for a “5 Tier “1st come, 1st served” INTERNATIONAL Reparations Bank” (note: ask us, don’t assume) that ADSN will work to establish monitored by the UN for ADSN-proposed criteria compliance, and (f) ADSN government intervention, war crimes, and fines, filed thru the UN upon rouge agents of any N. America government who harm, shoot or murder unarmed/non-threat ADSN member-citizens.

#3. As of January 2021, ADSN has opened dialogue for ADSN investment, development assistance, and future trade agreements to several, selected governments, the entire block of sub-Sahara Afrika governments, and representatives of Afrikan royal families.

#4. Lastly, ADSN is currently seeking an #ADÓS/BLM Pro-ADSN attorney who will facilitate investors and act as ADSN government General Counsel-shareholder.

About ADSN:

Jay Stubbs, ADSN Founder/Coordinator, is ex-owner of Dream-Tech of Pgh (a meditation wellness service) with 50 years of meditation experience and was accepted into Duquesne U – Project:GATE (accelerated Masters-level small business initiative) sponsored thru the US Dept of Labor (2006) and top 10 out of 4,000 applicants at completion. Sharrief Muhammad, ADSN Security Protocols/2nd Founder, has an extensive background in local & national Black community activism and security, and is the former Minister of Defense, Black Nationals USA (Cleveland, OH.)

Both WSAtN and ADSN are breaking and trailblazing new ground, and welcome interested Black fellowship; is seeking 200+ strategically-placed ground level ADSN governmental development worker-partners (forever shareholders) in all areas of government and business; N. America and global investors; and international relationships with friendly, sympathetic, or interested governments in our agendas, missions, and mutual business opportunities. ADSN IS SEEKING (A) PRO-ADSN ATTORNEY-SHAREHOLDER & (B) ADSN WEB-DESIGNER (DESIGNATED ADSN WEBMASTER-SHAREHOLDER)

Stubbs closes by saying, “It is our prayer that ADÓS/Blacks quit fighting to suckle on the breast of a white-privileged America that pushes them away for 400+ years and embrace the unity, power, economics, and dignity offered by having their own N. America multi-national (Canada, US & Mexico) nation-government in the UN for their own safety, security, and intervention. 400+ years of trying to fit in with violent white privileged governments is decades upon decades over the line of long enough unless you have a fetish gambling on your kids being murdered by some racist cop even when they are unarmed, fear of independence, or both. ADSN is not a religion, not a social club, nor incorporated under any other government (which would reduce our sovereignty under another government’s legal jurisdiction) as we get our authority uncompromised directly thru the UN. If you are ADÓS/Black or your biological child (0-18) is ADÓS/Black that is the qualifier to join the tribal-nation. ADSN is not about your personal religion, gender, sexual orientation, political party, social status, etc; we are dedicated to the safety, security, and fullest prosperity for ADÓS/Black bloodline and qualifying tribal members, period. We are a Continental “Transcendent” NATION-GOVERNMENT, not a Land-based Territorial country-government, and – despite people scratching their heads – are positioning by international law to set a precedent and become the 4th government in N. America recognized by the UN thru an entitlement under UDHR, UN (1948.) ADSN contributors have laid the research and foundation for 30 years but we need professionals and specialists from 2021 forward to hit our target dates, and it is on the PEOPLE who want all the benefits to ‘show up and show out.’ There are 50M qualifying ADÓS/Black people in N. America, and that means a potential of 50M tax-exempt ADSN dual citizens so do the math. ADSN is an intellectual labor of love and honor to the ADÓS/Black ancestors and babies to come, and we have the straight-to-UN-does & don’ts-blueprint as you hopefully can see. 1st come, 1st served. Hep’etu!”

Learn more at ADSN-org.org or make a donation via GoFundMe at https://gf.me/u/zcavsy. (Donations will go towards an online registration system & ADSN HQ/Embassy office spaces).

For press inquiries, contact afranination1@gmail.com or 412-390-4415.