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Monday, January 22, 2018

Jay-Z Will Be the First Guest on CNN’s New “The Van Jones Show”

Jay-Z and Van Jones

Jay-Z and Van Jones

NationwideThe Van Jones Show is off to a great start. With Jay-Z as the first guest on its debut episode on January 27, it would surely be a show to watch out for. The new CNN series will be hosted by no other than Van Jones, an activist and former Obama administration policy adviser.

He will be joined by the famous rapper, Jay-Z, on the first episode to plug and discuss his latest album 4:44. The album “is a real social justice classic, and I want to talk to him about that,” Jones said. Aside from that, they will also be discussing issues about economics and race.

Jones is Jay-Z’s client on Roc Nation, his entertainment company. And so he joked, “I didn’t have to Google to find the phone number.”

Jones described the show as “an opportunity to really reflect on where we are and where we are going. We will have cultural icons and political leaders on the one hand, but we will also be going out into the country, talking to ordinary people.”

The show which will be taped in front of a live audience will be using social media, live-crowd interaction, and taped segments of visits with people across America to be able to observe the trends shaping the upcoming 2018 and 2020 elections.

The Van Jones Show will be airing opposite Fox News Report on Fox News Channel every 7 pm starting January 27.

Previously, Jones was one of the panelists of CNN’s revival of Crossfire and some other town hall programs. He is also looking forward to launching a new CNN series called The Redemption Project which is about criminal justice later this year.