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Thursday, November 6, 2014

What One African American Veteran’s Gift of Hope and Opportunity is Doing to Create Jobs for His Fellow Veterans

Jeff Powell

Jeff Powell and his book that helps Military veterans start a business

Nationwide — What would you do if you were disabled and then honorably discharged from the Military? Would you take a bow, graciously acknowledge you’ve served your country, completed your Tour of Duty to the best of your ability, and now comfortably (or not) relax while relying on others to take care of you?

Would you live in the past, bound by all kinds of anxieties and fears, angry and frustrated with society and the state you find yourself in; or in the present, bound by boundless challenges and obstacles, all as your now less-than-normal life goes on without you and your former self?

Or would you heed the call, and honor the request, of your Commanding Officer’s final parting words?

Well, instead of admitting defeat and giving up, that is what Jeff Powell did, and this is his story:

Jeff was stationed in California, serving the US Navy Seabees when he became disabled, and upon his discharge, his Commanding Officer made a final, parting request. He asked Jeff to continue supporting Military men and women, as well as his future veterans.

Jeff accepted this challenge gladly, committed wholeheartedly, and helping others has now become his life’s mission. Even after he became disabled, having to deal with his disability, and pulling through other hardships such as becoming homeless, readjusting to society, and caring for his ailing mother, Jeff’s CO’s words remained clear to him.

Jeff’s Inspiration and Vision

Jeff immediately became a Verified Veteran Supporter and established www.VerifiedSupporter.com, a non-profit organization, resource, and a community forum and blog for all matters Veteran; and then another website called Entrepreneur Inside at www.entrepreneurinside.us, which is a helpful resource to launching a successful business, Jeff’s book is available for sale and proceeds go to worthy Veteran causes.

Then, keen to improve his education after returning to civilian life, Jeff soon exhausted his book stipend, because of the exorbitantly restrictive cost of books. Knowing there must be SO many books out there that someone else could be using more productively, and rather than give up and be a burden to society, Jeff decided to hire a team of professionals to build a website that would cater specifically to the needs of his Veteran college students, as well as to help alleviate the astronomical cost of text books that so negatively affect them all.

So Jeff created Books4Veterans.com (coming soon!), as the perfect place for Veterans and all college students alike, to buy good used books, and to donate or sell their books. Books4Veterans aims to make the further studies and self-improvement efforts of our Veterans a little easier, and a whole lot more affordable; while showing gratitude to those who served our country, and to take a stand and lend a hand to those who’ve helped make our freedoms possible.

Then, realizing there were SO many other ways he could serve his fellow Veteran and his community at the same time, Jeff expanded his vision and created many other supportive websites, resources, forums and societies for Veterans.

Jeff’s “4Veterans” Initiatives

The “4Veterans” concept is Jeff’s brainchild, or rather heart-child, and his mission is simple: To bring people together – Business, Government, Veterans, all Americans – to help and support each other. Jeff says: “Together, we can all lend a hand and weather any crisis!”

Apart from Books4Veterans, Jeff has dedicated his life to developing many other projects, or ‘hobbies’ as he prefers to call them, for the greater good of all Military Veterans, their families and their communities. As a shining testimony to his unconditional commitment, and his incredible motivation and drive, here’s a list of all the worthy Veteran initiatives Jeff has pioneered to date:

* Running4Veterans (www.running4veterans.com)
* Verified Veteran Supporter – (www.facebook.com/verifiedveteransupporter)
* Entrepreneur Inside – (www.entrepreneurinside.us)

Jeff is now intent on giving back and helping the greater Veteran community throughout the United States, especially when comes to books to further their studies and improve their lives, and other resources that unite and inspire communities, throughout the country.

Jeff says: “Serving the community is a state of mind, the kind of passion that carries you day-to-day, and that is what drives me every day throughout this journey.”

With Jeff’s tireless energy and unconditional commitment to helping his fellow man, his 4 Veterans initiatives go the extra mile by providing a supportive community service that helps alleviate some of the challenges and obstacles encountered by Veterans and non-Veterans alike.

Although Jeff still faces many challenges, both in his personal life and with his disability, he is one of the most courageous, motivated and dedicated people supporting Veterans in the United States today. Jeff truly has the passion for, and a deep insight of, what it takes to help his fellow Veterans, all while showing unconditional support for the Department of Veteran Affairs.

And there is a bittersweet twist in Jeff’s life story. Shortly after Jeff’s son Jeremiah was born (April 19) Jeff lost his Mother to a prolonged illness on Independence Day this year, July the 4th 2014. Jeff was unwavering at her side to the end, and his Mother, an avid Veteran Supporter, left Jeff a final request too: “Keep up your good work, my son. I just as other Veterans are very grateful for you!”

Jeff is now more inspired than ever, to help and serve.

If you want to share your ideas or concepts with Jeff, or if you need his advice or want him to speak at one of your events, feel free to contact him directly at info@entrepreneurinside.us

Jeff Powell