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Monday, June 26, 2017

African American Entrepreneur Creates Heart Detection Bracelet to Stave Off Heart Attack

Jemiah Battle, On A Mission To Raise Money For a Life Saving Heart Bracelet, Scores ‘Provisional Patent’

— Nearly 50% of African Americans Diagnosed with Cardiovascular Disease —

Jemiah Battle, inventor of the Life E-Bracelet

Jemiah Battle, inventor of the Life E-Bracelet

Greenville, SC — According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the No. 1 killer for all Americans, and stroke is the also the leading cause of death. The statistics for African Americans are more frightening with nearly 44% of men and 48% of women having some form of cardiovascular disease. “Something had to be done. I have suffered many losses with family members and friends, decided it was time to get proactive and invent the Life E (Eternal)-Bracelet which will save lives in real time and promote self-care,” says inventor, Jemiah Battle, CEO of VK3 Innovations. Currently, in the embryonic stage, the Life E-Bracelet, (www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-life-e-bracelet-health#/) is seeking funds for licensing, marketing distribution and operating expenses.

Jemiah Battle (www.jemiahbattle.com), author, transformational emotional life coach and CEO of VK3 Innovations, has been on a mission to revolutionize and change the world with his renowned emotional fitness workshops. “My company specializes in bringing life changing products and innovations to the market in a bid to improve, safeguard, and enhance one’s health and mental well being through self care. The goal is to create awareness, through information, about heart disease in the black community; and how minorities, especially women, are at high risk of stroke or heart attack through education. I think the Life E-Bracelet can help save many lives, bring mindfulness to stress, emotional health, and wellness,” says Battle.

“As human beings, we are all at risk for a heart attack. Self care is not taught in the minority community. My goal is to exponentially lower the statistics, save lives with the Life E-Bracelet,” beams Battle. Recently awarded a provisional patent for the first of its kind, Life-E Bracelet, the innovative bracelet provides a wristband for monitoring vital signs to help alert users to the risk of an impending heart attack. The bracelet/wristband includes a digital display monitor and various sensors to monitor blood pressure, pulse, stress, and other heart related readings.

One key feature of this design is the ability for the band to light up in various colors to indicate different levels of heart rate/blood pressure. The band illuminates in red, yellow, green, and blue in order to alert its user as to what they should do. The band is able to notify the user when their blood pressure is getting to a dangerous level and/or they are at risk of a heart attack. The device also includes a wireless notification system to alert family or emergency contacts of an urgent situation. The wristband is adjustable, in size, to accommodate different individuals.

Why Get Involved?

Your donations will help cover:

* Cost of revenue. It consists of product costs, including costs of contract manufacturers for production, shipping and handling costs, warranty replacement costs, packaging costs, fulfillment costs, manufacturing and tooling equipment depreciation, warehousing costs

* Research and development. These expenses are related to developing the Life-E Bracelet and any products and services that stem from it (ex: fitness apps, etc.). These expenses consist primarily of consulting and contractor expenses, tooling and prototype materials, and allocated overhead costs.

* Sales and marketing. These expenses consist primarily of advertising and marketing promotions of the Life-E products and services, as well as sales incentives, trade show and event costs, sponsorship costs, consulting and contractor expenses, travel, Point-of-Purchase display expenses and related amortization, and allocated overhead costs.

* General and administrative. These expenses consist of personnel-related expenses for Life-E finance, legal, human resources, and administrative personnel, as well as the costs of allocated overhead, information technology, and other administrative expenses.

For additional information and to support the Life E-(Eternal) Bracelet, contact Jemiah Battle, JBattle@Vk3Innovations.com, or visit www.jemiahbattle.com. To donate, save lives (including your loved ones) by making it possible to easily understand blood, stress ratings, and educating many from heart attacks, and possibly death, visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-life-e-bracelet-health#/


Jemiah Battle