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Thursday, July 2, 2020

20-Year Old Black Cosmetologist and Hair Loss Specialist’s Custom Wigs and Extensions Helping Women Look and Feel Their Best During Pandemic

Jenna Fenwick, founder of Custom Wigs and Extensions

Nationwide — The pandemic has left millions of women trying to figure out home remedies for styling, adding fullness, covering thinning or balding spots or just looking for a way to give their hair a break. Jenna Fenwick, the 20-year old founder of Custom Wigs and Extensions, has the solution to this problem women face daily, even when there is no pandemic.

“At Custom Wigs and Extensions our mission is to design, create, and install custom wigs and extensions that blend and highlight our client’s natural beauty, as well as, fit our customer’s needs,” says Jenna.

Since becoming a licensed cosmetologist and certified hair loss specialist (who can accept health insurances in many instances to cover all or part of the cost of wigs for clients with hair loss due to medical reasons), Jenna has exploded onto the scene as the founder of one of the top salon suites to go to for wigs, extensions, and styling. Conveniently located in the Washington, DC area, she has clients nationally who order wigs online at CustomWigsandExtensions.com.

“I will never forget the smile on my grandmother’s face after I made her a wig. After that, I started making wigs for my mother, sister, and my friends and that’s when I developed my passion for making wigs and designing and installing extensions,” Jenna says.

She loves the feeling she gets when she helps women look and feel their best and sees their self-confidence increase.

Jenna is also a new author of the forthcoming book, 10 Things Every Woman of Color Should Know About Their Wigs and Extensions coming out later this year.

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Jenna Re Fenwick

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