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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Young Black Entrepreneur From Maryland Helping Women Look and Feel Their Best Through Her Custom Wigs and Extensions

Jenna Re Fenwick, founder of Custom Wigs and Extensions

Jenna Re Fenwick, founder of Custom Wigs and Extensions

Nationwide — Millions of women suffer from thinning hair and balding, or want their hair to be fuller, longer or just want to give their hair a break from styling to let it grow. This is why Jenna Re Fenwick started CustomWigsandExtensions.com.

Jenna developed a passion for doing hair and make-up at the tender age of 8. She would do her sister, mother, grandmother and friend’s hair routinely, practicing new styles, cuts and coloring and making wigs. She really enjoyed seeing the smile on their faces after she would finish doing their hair.

“I will never forget the smile on my grandmother’s face after I made her a wig,” Jenna says. After skipping a grade in elementary school, Jenna went on to attend Laurel High School and was the youngest student to graduate from their esteemed Cosmetology program and become a licensed cosmetologist in Maryland and a Certified Make Up Artist at the young age of 17.

After graduation, she started working at various salons and quickly realized she wanted to have her own salon suite and become a business woman.

One day while riding home with her father, J.R. Fenwick, a highly successful businessman, Jenna’s father overheard her talking on her cell phone about her passion for doing hair to a friend. Jenna’s father was so impressed with what he heard that he told Jenna that he would invest in her and make her dream to open her own salon suite come true and that’s when Custom Wigs and Extensions was born.

Jenna has a passion and talent for installing extensions, creating custom wigs, coloring and make up. She prides herself on really getting to know and understand what her clients are looking for and then designing a custom unit that best fits their needs.

She loves the feeling she gets when she helps women look and feel their best and sees their self-confidence increase.
Jenna is also a model and new author of the forthcoming book, 10 Things Every Woman of Color Should Know About Their Wigs and Extensions coming out this summer.

Jenna’s Salon Suite is conveniently located in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Greenbelt, Maryland. Appointments and inquires for custom wigs and extensions can be made at http://CustomWigsandExtensions.com


Jenna Re Fenwick