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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Black Hairstylist Turned Entrepreneur Creates Snap Weave, an Innovative Patent-Pending Hair Extension System

— Snap Weave allows women to create a full hairstyle of any length or texture in minutes – with no glue, needles, or installation tools! —

Snap Weave

Atlanta, GA — Leave it to a hairstylist to invent a better head of hair. Jennifer King wanted to give her clients the full, long hairstyles they asked for, but the only options available were pre-made bulky wigs or damaging, tedious weaves. Neither option was good enough, so King went to work designing the product she wished was available for her clients. The result: Snap Weave, the patent-pending system that gives any woman a beautiful, natural look in a variety of straight, wavy and curly hair styles in minutes with absolutely no glue, bulky threads, needles, scissors or damaged edges.

With Snap Weave, clients can:

* Save time
* Save money
* Preserve their hair
* Create a hairstyle with no installation tools needed

“The old way of doing weaves took three to four hours and was often extremely damaging to the client’s hair,” King explained, “and pre-made wigs are bulky, oversized, expensive and made of harsh net materials that can cause excessive sweat and prevents the wearer from reaching and treating their scalp. Snap Weave is my solution for women who don’t want to waste time or money on products that can damage their scalp and hair.”

She continues, “With this system, you can create a full hairstyle of whatever length or texture you choose in a matter of minutes — no installation tools required. Snap Weave lets you interchange length, colors and textures, which is almost impossible with any weave or wig-making technique on the market today. Most importantly, your real hair is completely protected.”

Knowing some clients will prefer to pre-assemble Snap Weave and use it as a wig, King didn’t stop at revolutionizing the weave. With Snap Weave fully developed and ready to hit retail shelves, she next took aim at wig adhesives. Her newest product is an all-natural adhesive that helps to secure a wig on the wearer’s head for weeks, yet protects, moisturizes and exfoliates the scalp, allowing the hair to grow while firmly keeping the wig in place — even under conditions that would normally threaten to dislodge wigs, like windy weather, intimate situations or changing clothes. Best of all, the adhesive is easily removed with nothing more than water.

For more details and/or to purchase Snap Weave, visit the official web site at www.snapweave.com and follow the product’s Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/Snapweave. (Interested investors can contact the Investor Relations department at 800-964-9928.)


Also, watch the YouTube video tutorial below:


Snap Weave