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Monday, March 25, 2019

Infertility Expert Helps Women Track Fertility Status With New Mobile App

Dr. Jerisa Berry, founder of the Secure Your Fertility app

Dr. Jerisa Berry, founder of the Secure Your Fertility app

Nationwide — More than seven million women in the United States have difficulty getting or staying pregnant, and one in eight couples struggle to build a family, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In light of these statistics, assisted fertility is at an all-time high, with women across the nation searching for methods to successfully conceive.

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Infertility does not discriminate. Dr. Jerisa Berry, founder of the Secure Your Fertility app, struggled with this trying process for more than three years. After trial and error through IVF, IUI, and surgery, she made it her life’s mission to educate women about treatment options and encourage women feeling defeated to keep persevering.

With personal experience to fuel her determination, Dr. Jerisa founded the Secure Your Fertility app, which has more than four thousand downloads. The relaunch of the app will happen during the month of March, which marks Endometriosis Awareness Month and continue into April, which is Infertility Awareness Month. One of the main new features, Celebrity Fertility Candidly – a space where famous celebrities undergoing fertility treatments will share their journey with SYF app downloaders.

“I want to encourage women to never give up seeking infertility treatment options. After a great deal of perseverance and patience, last July, my husband and I welcomed our son – through surrogacy. I soon discovered that my struggle was not meant for me to suffer alone, that I could share my expertise with other women and use my platform to not only educate, but to encourage women to come together through support and awareness,” said Dr. Jerisa.

She continues to be an advocate for infertility, helping women find out where they fall on their biological clock with the help of AMH testing.

In addition to allowing women to order an AMH test from the comfort of their own homes, the Secure Your Fertility website is also an informational tool for women experiencing:

• Delayed conception
• Miscarriages (10-25% of women)
• Ovarian cysts (8% of women)
• Fibroid issues (70% of white women, nearly 80% of black women)
• Unsuccessful IVF treatments (30% success rate), among other things

For more information about the Secure Your Fertility app, visit Secure Your Fertility. To learn more about Dr. Jerisa, visit www.DrJerisaER.com or follow her on social media handles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician Dr. Jerisa Johnson Berry, DO is a nationally recognized best-selling author, international speaker, fertility expert consultant and media personality. She is on staff at several emergency departments throughout South Florida and co-owner of two primary care medical clinics with her husband.


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