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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Award-Winning Author Releases New Children’s Book About the Fun in Learning

Jermiko Thomas, author of An Adventure With STEM

Jermiko Thomas, author of An Adventure With STEM

Utica, NY — A new children’s book will be launching this month titled, An Adventure With STEM, and will be available for purchase through Amazon and Kindle. The book is focused on showing children how much fun they can have learning about science, technology, engineering and math. It is the second children’s book to be released by award-winning author, Jermiko Thomas.

An Adventure With Stem is about a boy named Lucas who doesn’t have a desire to learn and would rather spend his time playing. Moe the toad wants to help his friend Lucas to find enjoyment from learning. Once Moe goes missing, Lucas and his friend Walter set out on a mission to find the lost toad. Along the way, the boys must use the four pillars of STEM – science, technology, engineering and math on their mission to find Moe. The boys meet many characters along the way that help them to learn and find their missing friend Moe.

Thomas is an author, entrepreneur, and a gaming app developer. He has earned the reputation as an up-and-coming success mogul. After launching his first book, The Fearless Boy Inventor in 2017, he started to understand his passion and he wanted to make an impact on children through his writing. The Fearless Boy Inventor, which is available on Amazon, is about a young boy named Walter. Walter, the fearless boy inventor, creates contraptions which help him face his fears. This book has served as an inspiration to children to use their courage and bravery to face their biggest fears and challenges.

As a child, Thomas struggled with talking for the first six years of his life. He visited many different doctors and was misdiagnosed many times in his young life. Although he struggled, Thomas had a great support system at home. His parents which pushed him to work hard, and ultimately, he persevered and ended up testing out of the resource program he was put into in his junior year of high school. Thomas then transformed his life, harnessing the power and knowledge he found in books. He would read any book he could get his hands on and the books helped to change his life completely.

Through his own transformation, Thomas decided to make it his mission and purpose to help other people dismantle the “no outlet signs” once and for all. From his past, he knows that people can overcome any obstacle put in front of them and he wants to share that positive message to the world through his children’s books, helping the youngest generation of readers discover their true potential and the power they have to be whatever they desire.

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