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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

JeTi FILMS Premieres New Original Anthology Detective Series “Tales From the Murder Room” — Now Streaming on Amazon Prime

Producers/actors Gorio & King Jeff along with actor Charlie Hollins, Jr. star in the detective web series Tales From The Murder Room: Season 1 now showing on Amazon Prime.

New Orleans, LA — Proven independent production company, JeTi Films, premieres their new original anthology detective series, Tales from the Murder Room, available today for streaming on Amazon Prime.

The project was created-by and stars the multi award-winning Hollins brothers, King Jeff and Gorio, and chronicles the activities inside one specific Louisiana police interrogation room as Homicide Detectives listen to tales told by suspects, witnesses and other individuals related to various murder cases.

Each stylishly unconventional episode opens in present day with an individual reading from the popular crime anthology book, Tales from the Murder Room. The storyline quickly shifts to a black-and-white flashback scenario of the Detectives involved in an interrogation of someone uniquely involved in a murder case. Then, as each examination concludes the story cuts back to present day and the chapter is closed.

Season One consists of four 15-minute episodes centered around different interview subjects, ranging from an alleged mailman murderer, to a pompous pimp, to a hesitant hero and even a debate among the Detectives. Gorio, who plays the role of Lt. George Rook, shares, “I love the format of the show, because it allows us to go in any direction story and style wise.”

Based on characters from King Jeff’s feature film, The Murder Men, the streaming series now delivers a fresh approach. King Jeff, who plays the role of Detective Jerry July, explains, “These four episodes are completely different from each other in regards to the guest characters, the plot and even the styles of filming. I think this is what will keep audiences interested and coming back for more. Every type of genre has been done before, but it’s our job as creators to offer a fresh take on the detective story which is different from past shows — and we have definitely accomplished that.”


About JeTi FILMS
Based in Louisiana, JeTi FILMS is owned by multi award-winning siblings, King Jeff and Gorio Hollins. Together, they have created and produced numerous feature and short films, most notably Bang, The Murder Men, Grip: A Criminal’s Story, Shallow Creek Cult and Zombie Bite. Their projects have earned a variety of filmmaking awards from countless film festivals, including Ocean Springs, Indie Gathering, Urban Media Makers, B-Movie, Action On Film, Eerie Horror and Terror Film Fest among others. In addition, King Jeff co-executive produced Lily Keber’s documentary Bayou Maharajah, about the tragic life of New Orleans piano player James Booker and starring Harry Connick, Jr., Hugh Laurie, Dr. John, Irma Thomas and Allen Touissant. King Jeff was proud to be the first filmmaker inducted into the Louisiana Division of the Arts Artist Roster. He is also the recipient of a Certificate of Appreciation from New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial for his efforts teaching at-risk youth the art of filmmaking. For more about JeTi FILMS, visit www.JeTiFilms.com

Tales from the Murder Room is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

For more info and to watch the Tales from the Murder Room trailer, visit www.TalesFromTheMurderRoom.com

Also, watch on Vimeo:



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