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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

HBCU Grad With Three Degrees Launches the Newest Black Woman-Owned Travel Boutique Dedicated to Empowering Black Travelers

Jhaelyn Elam, founder of Sizije

Nationwide — Jhaelynn Elam is the founder and CEO of Sizije, a travel company whose mission is to empower the modern-day traveler through global communities and culturally curated experiences. The Sizije team wants to be a resource by providing unique and immersive traveling experiences.

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, for as long as she can remember, food has been the thread of her life. Jhaelynn is a successful Food and Sensory Scientist with degrees from Tuskegee University and The Ohio State University. Additionally, her passion and career in food have afforded her opportunities to travel places she could have only dreamed of as a kid.

With the help of her passion for travel and research background, this SHEO made it her business to make certain that no one gets left out of the traveling experience, especially people of color. Making travel real and attainable, turning, and travel dreams into reality is what Sizije is all about.

According to statistics, only 5.6 percent of students studying abroad are Black. Through the launch of The Sizije Foundation, Sizije is committed to increasing travel opportunities for students of color. With a mission of empowering the modern-day student traveler through social, financial, and global resources.

By shopping with Traveltique, their online travel boutique for your everyday travel needs, you are making a difference and contributing to their foundation’s cause. Traveltique carries a variety of items to not only accessorize your travel experiences but many items are also useful for your everyday life.

To support and learn more, visit www.sizijetravel.com.

Also, follow her brand on Instagram @Sizijetravel and @Traveltiquebysizije