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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tech Entrepreneur Launches “Spendwith” — A Mobile App That Encourages African Americans (and Latinos) to Buy, Sell & Trade in Their Own Communities

— “Spendwith” is a culture-based, buy & sell app that is now available on the iTunes and Google Play app stores —

Jibril Sulaiman, founder of Spendwith app

Jibril Sulaiman, creator of the Spendwith app; and Earl “Butch” Graves Jr., CEO of Black Enterprise

Atlanta, GA — Spendwith, a new mobile marketplace app, (also known as a “buy, sell, trade” app) was launched this week in the Atlanta market. Similar to platforms like Letgo, 5miles, OfferUp and Craigslist, Spendwith allows users to quickly take a photo of an item to sell or offer a service.

However, Spendwith aims to target buying and selling within specific cultures or demographics by providing a dedicated app for members of that demographic community. A concept attempted throughout hundreds of Facebook groups, but in a more organized fashion. “Spendwith: Black.” is the first of a series of cultural marketplace apps to be released.

“For 2 years I’ve pondered how to increase intra-cultural commerce in the Black community,” said Spendwith creator, serial entrepreneur and technology consultant, Jibril Sulaiman. “After researching commerce trends in other demographics, I realized that many other nationalities, ethnicities, and groups also promote the need for commerce within their respective communities. Therefore, if I was going to present a solution for the Black community, why neglect in presenting the app as a solution for other communities as well.”

Spendwith plans on releasing another app titled “Spendwith: Latino” in the next couple of months, with others to follow. The smartphone app’s primary purpose is to be a hub for online and offline commerce between individual-and-individual, and individual-and-business. Similar to its competitors, the app is free to use, free to post and allows sellers to accept payment for services or items sold, outside of the app.

According to Sulaiman, “Even though the app is being promoted in the Atlanta area, there is no restriction on anyone using the app to buy or sell outside of Atlanta. However, with any new product, we must start with a test market and Atlanta’s large, diverse population was perfect for such a technology.” He continues, “As we obtain funding and users, we will continue to expand regionally and nationally. This means giving more buyers the chance to discover more offline sellers, and service providers through the use of our technology.”

Spendwith is available for download on Google Play and iTunes.

Or visit the web version at www.spendwith.in. For more information about Jibril Sulaiman, visit www.jibrilsulaiman.com


Jibril Sulaiman