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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Black Author’s New Book “The Mayfly and the Greedy Bullfrog” Teaches Children the Power of Compassion

Jo Allen author of Mayfly and the Greedy Bullfrog

Nationwide — Masterfully crafted by Jo Allen, The Mayfly and the Greedy Bullfrog is a story of grace. However, as a new African American female author on the horizon, she is not new to sharing her delightful stories. Aiming to teach as well as entertain, she was on the shortlist of five in 2018 for the African Writers Trust for children’s literature. There she featured her story Who Can Stop The Rain? which features three children of color.

Jo Allen also self-published The Chronicles of Princea and Princess Poppa in 2015. She is one who truly recognizes the need for more women of color in the children’s literary community realizing that one day their contributions may change the industry.

“It starts with our children,” she says. “Every story I write is done with the intention of increasing diversity as well as representation in the field of literature. I feel that books are amazing and my goal is to encourage young people of color to read more.”

She says that her goal is also to bond families at a critical time in history by bringing them together for the good that comes from the most simplistic form of entertainment, reading. Her newest book, The Mayfly and the Greedy Bullfrog, teaches the power of compassion.

Jo Allen comments, “Compassion sees no barriers but the need for it is strong. By teaching the power of compassion to our young; our children will grow and be much kinder to the needs and feelings of others. Yielding fruitage we as parents and diverse communities can be proud of.”

The synopsis

When it comes to understanding others and feeling their worry; how sympathetic are you? Our sincere and genuine actions will tell all. In this amusing and purposeful story, readers will find out what happens.

With only one day to live and breakfast time on the pond, it is certainly not a safe place for any Mayfly. Butch, a greedy bullfrog, loves nothing more than his big fat belly so you can’t imagine what happened one morning on the pond – Something so awkward that had never happened before. So shocking his eyes bulged right out of their sockets. Leaving him disillusioned and alarmed. What will Butch do? Will Butch seize the opportunity to be compassionate?

True compassion a much-needed quality taught by example – a quality that all of us can learn. Compassion is on full display in this remarkable and delightful tale.

The book is available for purchase via Pegasus Publishers, Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com

About the author

Jo Allen lives in Southern California with her husband Tom and their three teenage children. She loves connecting with friends and family. She spends much of her leisure time writing children’s stories. She also collaborates with her professional illustrator Elena Adam who lives in Michigan. Illustrating is one of Elena’s passions.

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