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Monday, March 21, 2016

How Joanne Sylvestre is Closing the Gap Between Black Women and Leadership Roles in the Healthcare Industry

Joanne Sylvestre

Joanne Sylvestre, founder of The Nutressence Network

New York, NY — Visionary Joanne Sylvestre is empowering minority women with her non-profit organization, The Nutressence Network, which offers strategic mentorship programs to women of color across the United States aimed towards providing professional pathways to prominent leadership roles in the healthcare industry.

The network aims to assist these women into developing their management and leadership skills through mentorship programs while guiding them through successful career pathways in healthcare. Founder and Executive Director of The Nutressence Network, Joanne Sylvestre has over 15 years in the healthcare industry.

“As a young minority woman within the healthcare field, I find that it is difficult to identify minority women in the executive suite. I want to offer minority women the opportunity to grow within the healthcare professional ladder and then in return offer tier-1 members mentorship,” says Founder Joanne Sylvestre.

The Nutressence Network is the first minority-based organization geared towards this form of mentorship in New York. The Nutressence Network not only offers women’s empowerment, but it also involves mentoring minority women in New York, giving them the opportunity to work closely with mentors in order to grow within their career path. The advantage is that these women will have the opportunity to work with mentors that can guide them down their path towards leadership roles.

The vision of The Nutressence Network is to double the percentage of African-American women occupying leadership roles in the New York healthcare industry by 2025. African-American women occupy only 11.9 percent of managerial and professional positions. Of those women, 5.3 percent are African American, 2.7 percent are Asian American, and 3.9 percent are Latina.

The philosophy is that if we can create the initiative to enable minority women to have access to mentors, we can increase the number of minority black women graduating from college and increasing the number of black women in the executive suite.

This summer, The Nutressence Network will host its “Sister’s Leading Towards Success Summit 2016.” This NYC event will celebrate female unity and overcoming all adversities. We are seeking life-changing speakers and panelists as well as sponsorships.

Visit www.tnnetwork.org for more information about The Nutressence Network. To become a mentor or for sponsorship opportunities, contact Executive Director Joanne Sylvestre at joanne@tnnetwork.org.

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