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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Entrepreneur Launches New Social Network For Black People Worldwide to Discuss Raw Issues About Racism

Joey White, founder of Hourtimenow

Joey White, founder of Hourtimenow, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA –- Joey White, founder of Hourtimenow Inc., is thrilled to announce the launch of his exclusive social media platform and first uniquely Black social networking website (www.hourtimenow.com). The web site allows African-Americans to meet with one another to speak freely about issues that directly affect the race without getting banned, suspended or harassed, as if the case on other social sites.

The mission is simple; stop the defamation and dehumanization of Black people and allow them to build a cordial working, commerce and racial relationship amongst themselves, hence the need for this fertile platform.

According to a political science and mass communication theory known as “The Spiral of Silence” theory proposed by the German political scientist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, it is believed that individuals have a fear of isolation. This fear of isolation results from the idea that a social group or the society, in general, might isolate, neglect, or exclude members due to the members’ opinions, therefore, consequently leading people to remain silent instead of voicing their opinions. This is not the case when one becomes a member of Hourtimenow.com because everyone with a positive, contributing attitude is more than welcome to express their opinion.

The spiral of silence theory additionally made it known that the social media sites are a vital issue that relates to both the dominant idea and people’s belief in the dominant idea. A few social media supporters were hoping that social media creators would produce sufficient discussion venues that those with somewhat opposite views of the mainstream would possibly feel freer to express themselves. However, the reverse is the case, and this has exacerbated issues, in particular for Black people who frequent these white owned and dominated venues.

In a quest to solve this problem, Hourtimenow Inc. has passionately been in development of a plan whose ultimate purpose is to secure justice and fair treatment for everyone registered on their unique social platform, thereby forever disallowing unjust and unfair discrimination and ridicule of Black people throughout the world.

“This is the place to find everything you need in regards to black business and commerce. This is the place to find local black-owned businesses. The management team has added tools that combine the best of the world of black business and social media together,” said the founder/creator Hourtimenow Inc. Joey White. Bringing the customer and business together is, as the owner described, the best way to rebuild the black world community. The customer having close proximity access to the creator or seller of a desired product online will give that customer that “mom and pop down the street” business feeling and will build trust in the product and the business at the same time. A direct quote from the owner on the cornerstone of the business says, “There is no unity without U N I”.

For easy access to the fully functioning website, Hourtimenow is also available as an app in both the Google Play and Apple app stores. They believes the mobile application will allow their members to have easy access to the site, allow them to access additional features on the mobile application and most importantly keep in constant contact with brothers and sisters that have created and intend to create relationships with.


About Hourtimenow Inc:
HourTimeNow.com is a social networking and community information site for the Black, Afro, African, Moorish Americans and Black communities across the world. The site boasts membership in many countries around the world. Founder Joey White is a 39 years old entrepreneur and Navy veteran. He and the company are located in Los Angeles, CA.

For more information about Hourtimenow Inc. and their unique services, visit www.hourtimenow.com or watch their YouTube video at http://youtu.be/911ysT1VzhQ


Hourtimenow Inc.