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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Meet the Black Entrepreneur Whose Platform Makes Online Shopping 10 Times More Enjoyable (And Cheaper!)

By Shantell Robinson

John Cornelius McCaskill, founder and CEO of Rewardance

John Cornelius McCaskill, founder and CEO of Rewardance

Nationwide — So you love online shopping right? Well it just got a whole lot better! Founder John Cornelius McCaskill has created a Black-owned company based in Oklahoma City called Rewardance. Rewardance is an online company that gathers all your favorite stores, coupons, deals, and products in one place for your convenience. Here is where it gets good!

Every time you go through their website to purchase a deal you were already going to make — you receive points. These points can be used towards fun rewards in their reward store and let me tell you… they are amazing! I have never seen rewards like the ones this black business offers. One of the rewards offers to pay up to $99 credit to any subscription of your choice. Can you say hello gym membership?

Every dollar spent is worth 8 points no matter the store. They also have monthly bonuses to earn additional points like making a one time purchase on select stores. I am talking about earning 20,000 points just for trying a new store. It’s very fun and addicting!

Their point system is pretty consistent across the board–5,000 points earns you a $5 gift card (This is also the minimum to earn a reward). You can exchange points in multiples of 5,000. For example, you can spend 20,000 points for a $20 Target gift card. Sounds like a lot right? It’s not!

Think about it, you were going to spend that money at your favorite store anyway so you might as well earn rewards in the process. Plus, in my experience, they give you an absurd amount of bonus points for buying things you were going to buy anyway. You even earn points just for registering and referrals (They like for you to get excited from the beginning haha). Once you hit 20,000 points it gets very interesting. You have the option of a gift card, cash back, or shipping credit. Shipping credit is when they cover the value of your shipping. Yes, you read that right! So instead of receiving $20 cash back, you can ask for $20 worth of shipping credit. They are very creative in the rewards that they offer.

I should mention one final thing, the 1,000,000 point club. I don’t want to spoil too much but if you are able to accomplish this feat they have some mouth watering rewards that even I can’t help but to try and discipline myself just to grab them. From V.I.P concert tickets to luxury brands, and so much more!


There have been point systems created in the past by many brands, but many of them are far more complicated to keep up with and never seem work in your favor. Rewardance gets it right. Shopping + Rewards makes any avid shopper happy. This up and coming startup has definitely garner my attention and can not wait for them to add more stores. I even suggested a few. If you enjoy online shopping then definitely give them a look. Happy shopping!

For more details, visit www.rewardance.com