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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Black Man From Alabama Who Fought in World War II Turns 106 Years Old

John Drake, Sr.

Nationwide — John Drake Sr., an African American man from Harvest, Alabama, has recently turned 106 years old. His life holds many secrets to longevity, and he shares some insights as he celebrates this remarkable milestone.

“I had a wonderful life, and I’ve been blessed in many ways to be able to be here today at my age,” Drake Sr. told Rocket City Now. I’m blessed in lots of ways and I appreciate it. That’s one reason I’m here today, cause I appreciate some of the things that I’ve been through in my lifetime. Always give thanks for the Master who is above that looks over you daily.”

He said his experience as an Army Sergeant during World War II significantly shaped his perspective.

“It’ll take a lot for me to explain the things that I went through during my lifetime being as a soldier. Most of the time I was in the war. I was a World War II Sergeant in the Army, and I learned a lot being in the army about other people and other places. You get to learn more about life.”

According to Drake’s son, Robert, his father’s work ethic has been a guiding principle for their family.

“Just like any other family, you know, had, life’s challenges. but, being immensely blessed, as I say, and just, you know, the importance of hard work, integrity and just the importance of a family in the family unit,” he said.