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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

African-American Math Tutor Publishes New Book Series Entitled, “Family Math LLC” — Written For the Entire Family!

— The books are centered on two of the main ingredients for learning — family involvement together with a tutoring experience —

Johnny Bowens, author of the Familly Math LLC book series

Johnny Bowens, author of the Familly Math LLC book series

Manteca, CA — Johnny Bowens, an African-American math tutor and entrepreneur, has published a new math book series entitled, Family Math LLC. The series, which includes a learning book and and workbook, cover Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, and introductions to Algebra and Geometry.

Bowens has tutored adults and younger people for many years in math. Many of his students have gone on to professional careers and one became a National Youth Scholar. He has been a participant in book fairs and other events. Earlier this year, the prestigious and historic African American Museum and Library at Oakland hosted a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) event for Mr. Bowens and another participant that was a huge success.

Bowens comments, “There is a crisis going on right now in math education that’s affecting the Black community (and others) and families are looking everywhere for help. Parents (and teachers) are experiencing difficulties with standards and curriculums. People are purchasing books, searching the internet, attending seminars, paying hundreds if not thousands for tutoring and more looking for help. Family Math LLC was written to be the help that families need. It can also be a resource book for schools.”

He continues, “In my 20 plus years of tutoring experience, I always thought math books were written harder or in a more difficult manner than they needed to have been written. Family Math LLC is written to where hopefully anyone who is old enough can understand the the material in the book(s). It is a comprehensive, resource Main Book and Workbook that can help people from late elementary school, middle school, high school and college. It can also help with the ACT, SAT and other exams and help people pass the math portion of most job tests. There is a ton of information in Family Math LLC.”

Family Math LLC is available through many avenues including FamilyMathLLC.com, Amazon.com, and Marcus Books in Oakland, California.


Johnny Bowens
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