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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Abandoned Properties Expert Develops Unique Plan to Reverse Gentrification

Dr. Johnny Cash, abandoned properties expert

Nationwide — Dr. Johnny Cash, a Chicago-based published author and the nation’s leading abandoned properties expert, says that he has developed the ultimate plan for reversing gentrification.

“When you consider that there is six times the number of vacant properties in America as there are homeless, it breaks your heart,” says Dr. Cash. “The numbers from a recent Google search provided me with 2014 figures indicating that there are 18,600,000 vacant homes and 600,000 homeless Americans.”

Cash continues, “Those individuals positioning themselves to gentrify the urban communities are sweeping those figures under the rug to serve their own selfish interests. But not on my watch.”

In 2009, President Obama went before Congress to provide his stimulus package for Wall Street. However, in 2020, Dr. Cash went before America, live on Facemook to provide his stimulus package for Main Street.

He calls it ‘Reverse Gentrification,’ which is a community mobilization program launched by his organization called Team CASH. The goal is to support efforts in the urban
communities to help victims of gentrification. It runs projects to help homeless people, including the rebuilding of the black family, by teaching real estate investment and capitalism.

Those who are interested in learning more should start by watching Dr. Cash’s educational video on Facebook.

For more information and a fascinating interview, please contact Johnny Cash at (312) 931-0618.


Johnny Cash
(312) 931-0618