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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

9-Year Old and 6-Year Old Brothers Release Parenting Book Entitled “How To Deal With Kids: A Guide For Adults By A Kid”

Jojo and Miles Yawson

Jojo and Miles Yawson, authors of How to Deal With Kids

Freeport, NY — “How should we deal with kids?” It is the million-dollar question that many parents, teachers, and other adults are asking. For generations and generations, we have had books that have attempted to help answer this baffling question. Titles include Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, The Conscious Parent, 1-2-3 Magic, and many more. But what has been glaringly absent from this literary dialogue is a child’s perspective.

Child author and kidpreneur Jojo Yawson is seeking to change this situation. At the age of six, he wrote his guidebook for adults who interact with children. He cleverly titled it How to Deal With Kids. The charming book contains ten tips for dealing with a multitude of issues, including time-outs, recreation, lectures, and more. Unlike many authors, Jojo did not have to engage in a long search for a publisher. His mother, Ama Yawson, has a publishing and training and development company called Milestales. Through her company, she and other professionals teach storytelling in schools and publish anthologies of students’ stories. However, Jojo had to advocate for over two years to get his project in the pipeline. His mother was busy working on other books and projects.

“I loved Jojo’s book, and I was committed to publishing it at some point. But, I was super busy on other projects. It was not until I decided to homeschool Jojo and his little brother Miles that I made the publication of the book a top priority. His book would become part of our homeschool curriculum. Through publishing it, my children are learning one of the most important educational lessons of all; they can actualize their ideas, become creative entrepreneurs, and have an impact on the world,” says Ama Yawson.

Jojo’s little brother, Miles Yawson, wanted to support his brother’s literary ambition by illustrating the book. Miles drew the original sketches that illustrator and graphic designer Boris Cvekic used to create the final images in the book.

“Illustrating the book was so much fun! The ideas for the illustrations just came easily to my mind,” says Miles Yawson.

Jojo is very proud of his achievement.

“I hope that parents will read the book and learn how to treat kids better. Most adults mean well, but sometimes they treat children terribly without even knowing it,” says Jojo.

The book provides many vast talking points that should open up a dialogue for parents and kids so that parenting and education process can be more collaborative.

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