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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Trucking Entrepreneur Debuts New Book During Global Pandemic to Uplift and Encourage Others

Life-altering tale of hope, love, perseverance and unconditional friendship

Joseph McGill, author of My Little Miracle

Washington, DC — Inspirational visionary and budding author Joseph S. McGill officially launches My Little Miracle: Pursuing The Dream as the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic. This uplifting story is sure to bring a smile, during these uncertain times, to all who read it.

Kara Thompson is well-known and respected in Snowden Heights. She is also a budding track star, has a bright future, and is adored by everyone … except one person who is jealous of her track abilities. Kara’s father is excited about her future; however, her mother wants to revel in her success and is living vicariously through her daughter. Things change for Kara and her family when a new family moves next door and she meets a girl named Miracle. Who would have thought that this chance meeting would completely turn their lives upside down?

My Little Miracle is a story of friendship between two girls. One is a track phenom and one is handicapped and in a wheelchair. The lessons weaved throughout this book, for both children and adults, will have you cheering, laughing, crying happy tears and feeling inspired.

“I was led to pen this book to help others start or continue on the path that leads to better life decisions,” said McGill. “My motivation for My Little Miracle was also to write something that everyone could read and enjoy, but mainly for young girls to be able to read a book reflecting themselves in each page. A book about friendship, hardship and victory. A book filled with faith, love and hope to let them know that something greater is out there for them. Young ladies face a lot in this world whether it comes from peer pressure, sex or drugs and my hope is for them to be inspired to lead their best lives.”

What Others Are Saying:

“This is a must read…I couldn’t put the book down. Waiting for Part 2 like kids waiting on Santa. You definitely will not be disappointed. GRAB ONE TODAY!” — A. Linzy

“My Little Miracle is an awesome book. It’s a great read for children and adults! It encourages faith, prayer and talks about the power of friendship.” — M. McGill

“My Little Miracle is a book that will have you on the edge of your seat. It’s about faith, love, pushing and believing! This book will have you up all night reading. I’m waiting with great expectation for part 2 to come out! A must read! Make sure you get your copy and buy one for a friend!” — Dr. Lorraine

“What an inspirational book! Joe has beautifully written a heartfelt story about pure friendship, faith, believing in yourself and prayer. Well written and a must read indeed!” — C. Lamont


About the Author
Joseph S. McGill was born in Washington D.C. and was raised in Glenarden MD. He is a true Washingtonian! His love for literature began as soon as he could read and he admired the writing of his favorite author, John Grisham (A Time To Kill) and Terry McMillan (Mama and Disappearing Acts). He also read the entire Left Behind series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins.

Joseph has been in the transportation field for over 20 years, but his love for reading and desire to write a book of his own was always near and dear to his heart. As a child, he was imaginative and dreamed of writing screenplays and novels that would change the lives of many. He has always had a gift to create, cultivate and share life-altering stories.

For more details about the book, visit MyLittleMiracleBook.com


Theresa Royal Brown

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