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Sunday, January 3, 2021

9-Year Old Boy From Alabama Buys 20 Bicycles For Children in Need

Josh Cox

Nationwide — Meet Josh Cox, a 9-year old young entrepreneur from Mobile, Alabama, who bought bicycles using his own money to give away to 20 children in need.

At an early age, Josh’s parents are teaching him the basics of operating a business. He had a party rental business before joining his father’s company, Cox Transportation.

“On paper we put him as the operations manager and, so, just teaching him different things about gross, net income, how to pay drivers as he stated, making sure drivers are taken care of and the fundamentals of business day in and day out,” his father, Anthony Cox, told FOX10 News.

Josh now has his own 18-wheeler truck which he oversees and employs one driver. He had been earning more now money and he wanted to give back to others in need.

He then bought 20 brand new bicycles for 10 boys and 10 girls. He personally gave the bicycles to the children with their families who reached out to his parents through their post about the giveaway on Facebook.

“Some families are less fortunate and we just wanted to help out,” he said.