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Thursday, June 8, 2023

High School Star Football Player Graduates With 4.1 GPA, Chooses HBCU Over Princeton and Duke

Joshua Jones

Nationwide — Joshua Jones, a high school student-athlete from Fayetteville, North Carolina, has been awarded over $3 million in scholarships while maintaining a 4.1 GPA and playing as a quarterback in the school’s football team, showing remarkable success both on and off the field.

“In the end when all was counted up. I was shocked myself,” Jones said about the numerous offers he received, according to ABC11.

Jones said he made it his goal to get as many scholarships as possible. Ultimately, he has been offered academic and athletic full-ride scholarships to prestigious institutions like Duke, Princeton, Dartmouth, North Carolina A&T, Navy Air Force and Army.

Aware of the significance of his accomplishments, Josh remains grounded and appreciative of his humble beginnings. He credits his success to the support and guidance he received from his father, Redrick Jones, who is not only his football coach but also his counselor.

“The process of being a father, being a coach is always hard because there’s always two hats you’re wearing,” his father said. “But you got to keep everything in perspective.”

Moreover, his achievements extend beyond his athletic and academic skills. Jones has also been praised for being an exceptional leader. Their head coach Ernest King said, “He’s probably been our best leader.”

As he prepares for his next step, Jones hopes to make an impact on his juniors.

“Stay on the grind, keep your grades up, and know what you want in life,” he said.

Moreover, Jones decided to attend North Carolina Central University, an HBCU, and join its football team.