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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Black Educator’s Book, “Come Get These Kids,” Hits #9 on Amazon’s National Bestsellers List

Dr. Josiah Jackson is bringing attention to the school-to-prison pipeline to encourage more black parents to take action to protect their children from the American education system.

Dr. Josiah Jackson

Nationwide — Dr. Josiah Jackson, an educator and parent advocate from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is ready to have the tough discussion with black mothers. Her book Come Get These Kids! was created as a resource to help parents navigate the American school system. Taking the #9 spot on Amazon’s national best-seller list, Dr. Jackson has unintentionally answered concerns about breaking the school-to-prison system with this release. The paperback edition of the publication retails for $12, as digital editions start at $9.99. Come Get These Kids! is available for free for Kindle-Unlimited users.

Frustration with the public school system is a pain all parents can relate to. The issues of lack of empathy from educators, gaps in education, and gaps in molding the youth in the formative years are just a small handful of concerns.

Author, educator, and community leader Dr. Jackson has a firm belief that parents should share the educational journey with a child. The author of Come Get These Kids! states, “Expand your knowledge so that your child thrives in education.” Previously serving as an elementary school teacher in public, charter, and private schools for nearly 30 years, Dr. Jackson takes a unique approach to parent advocacy, adding in the spiritual development of all those who connect with her. As a member of the Women’s International Speakers, she has spoken to single Black women audiences at schools, churches, and organizations for the past twenty-five years. According to Dr. Jackson, the mission is to encourage parents to raise dynamic individuals both inside and outside of educational institutions.

Parents taking the initiative to change the narrative for their children navigating the educational system will find classic and innovative techniques inside the book. While the statistics are still unclear on how many black parents have made the decision to pivot to homeschooling since 2020, parental advocacy in various forms appears within the community transparently. Dr. Jackson confirms, “This book shows parents how to advocate for their children and create a better learning environment at home while distance learning and in a school building.”

The learning environment may be back to a pre-pandemic state; unfortunately, the educational system mirrors the same lack of change. With black children being dismissed educationally and behaviorally more than other races, concerns about this generation’s future arise.

Committed to her work as a parent advocate to develop well-rounded individuals for the future, Dr. Jackson acknowledges parents are the catalyst for this change. She joins similar thought leaders such as Dr. Umar Johnson in advocating for black women and men to take ultimate control of a child’s development needs rather than expect the school system to take responsibility.

Readers seeking a community that supports raising competent black children through the current school system should discover Dr. Josiah Jackson’s private Facebook group.

About the author
Dr. Josiah Jackson is an effective teacher, leader, problem solver, community organizer, and motivational speaker that demonstrates the skills, dispositions, and performances of an effective educator. She understands the moral imperative to educate all students and is a woman of integrity, wisdom, and courage. Learn more at her official website at JosiahJackson.com and be sure to follow her on LinkedIn

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