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Monday, November 2, 2020

Black Author Reveals in New Book How to Re-Imagine Your Story & Reclaim Your Power

Chain Breaker by Joy Linn Mackey

Philadelphia, PA — If there was ever a time to release this book in the world, now is the time. Chain Breaker: How to Re-Imagine Your Story & Reclaim Your Power by Joy Linn Mackey is about bringing together the broken pieces of our lives to rebuild and reclaim the forgotten parts of ourselves. It is about breaking the chains of racism from our minds and allowing the resilience to flow in. It is about being free to be curious, to cry, to question, and to engage. But mostly, it is about the Collective We.

This book puts forth a series of actions, questions, quizzes, readings, etc. to help you identify areas where racism and oppression have infiltrated your thoughts and kept you in chains whether you have recognized it as racism or not. It is an eye-opener and a game-changer that is meant to propel you into your higher self, the self where you do not just strive, but you thrive.

Joy comments, “We are capable, beautiful, forward-moving, survivors who have a deep love for one another. We defy the lies we have formerly fallen prey to by the oppressor. We can create our own businesses, our own systems, our own cities, etc. Our first love is for God and our people. We are not afraid of our own. We love, help, and stand with our own. It is within our right to RISE like a phoenix from the ashes and reclaim our lives, our homes, our communities, and our cities. We are owed much but we focus most on the ‘Collective We’ that moves us ever forward.”

Joy, who has written three inspirational books, describes herself as a Black Wellness Advocate and a Racial Healing Facilitator.

Her book, Chain Breaker: How to Re-Imagine Your Story & Reclaim Your Power, is available for purchase online at www.AikanBlackCollective.com/product-page/chain-breaker

Learn more about her mission at AikanBlackCollective.com

For press inquiries, contact joy@aikanblackcollective.com