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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Credit Doc Releases Quick Lectures Regarding Holistic Credit Health Repair to Promote an Abundant Lifestyle

Juan Anderson, The Credit Doc

Juan Anderson, The Credit Doc

Nationwide — Have you ever considered the phrase “Good credit health is the gateway to building wealth”? If you haven’t, you should. In order to truly maximize success in life, one must dig deep when it comes to personal credit health & finance. Credit repair isn’t just about credit report clean up.

“Bad credit doesn’t just happen, there’s something internal that’s misfiring,” states board certified credit consultant and bestselling author Juan Anderson. “This could include poor spending habits related to lack of self-confidence or just not having the proper credit education. We need to start taking a holistic approach to credit repair, if we really want to see results.”

Many people think that credit repair is simply removing negative items from one’s credit report, but if better habits are not practiced, people will find themselves right back in the same situation prior to seeking help. You can have a bank account full of money, but if you haven’t learned that credit should be your money’s trusted companion, you’re not living your best life.

Juan’s quick lectures provoke thought and introduce topics many individuals don’t consider when it comes to personal credit health, and how it can impact almost all areas of life. Topics in the quick lectures include: bad credit equating to bondage, the power of attraction/ visualization/ gratitude, building a positive relationship with your credit & its impact on our parenting, personal relationships and establishing credit the right way. There’s also a full dispute template library, with steps that Juan provides to help students who have credit challenges, clean up their actual reports.

Credit power and education require a true mental shift in order to maximize. Credit is more than just a score, it is truly our reputation of how we handle other people’s money. The sooner people wrap their heads around this concept, the quicker we will see change as it relates to individuals learning to leverage their credit to live a more abundant life. To enroll in Juan, The Credit Doc’s Credit Abundance Quick Lectures, visit https://credit-abundance-academy.teachable.com/


About Juan, The Credit Doc
Juan is no stranger to living life with what he calls “Shady Credit”. By age 30, he filed his third bankruptcy and has since shifted his mindset as it relates to personal credit, grew his credit score from a flimsy 518 to 745 with nearly $200K in credit access. He has learned to leverage his credit to start living the life of his dreams. He went on to write a best seller, How I Fixed My Shady Credit, which can be found on Amazon.

He is a Purdue University grad, holding a Master’s in Health Care Administration, a board-certified credit consultant and the CEO & Founder of Shady Credit, LLC. In addition to offering full credit repair, other treatment options include: full report repair, debt negotiations, credit coaching and education. Juan, The Credit Doc leads workshops in his local community that help empower and transform the mindsets of those who want to live a more abundant life. He’s been featured in Black Enterprise, done multiple radio interviews and has a permanent guest spot on Sirius XM’s Tim Ridley Show.

For more information on Juan, The Credit Doc, feel free to visit his website at www.juanthecreditdoc.com


Juan Anderson, MHA
“The Credit Doc”

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