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Monday, February 17, 2020

121 Thought-Provoking Concepts Featured in Justin Ellis’ New Book “Thinking Outside The Boombox” — With Accompanying Audiobook/ Album

Justin Ellis, author of Thinking Outside the Boombox

Justin Ellis and his bookcover

Nationwide — There is no better example of being innovative and inspirational than this powerful project of a modern philosophy book and accompanying audiobook/album. From the wisdom, to the book format, to the dope music, Justin “The Juse” Ellis offers a perfect presentation of 121 thought-provoking concepts that challenge the reader’s paradigm in a very digestible way — because if you can change the way you view the world, you can actually change the world.

With topics of self-help, logic, relationships, society, faith and religion, and finally our existence, the 6 chapters of Thinking Outside the Boombox successfully challenge the reader’s way of thinking, in a rewarding way.

These types of messages have never been more accessible and enjoyable to consume, especially for his Black audience.

Available online everywhere books are sold, and on all streaming and download sites.






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