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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Graphic Novella By African American Comic Artist Justin Raimey Makes Commercial Debut

— Black Streak Entertainment’s latest graphic novel is entitled “Fiji Random: The Garage Maid Special 01 ­- Preparation” —

Justin Raimey and bookcover

Artist Justin Raimey and bookcover

NationwideFiji Random Garage Maid Special 01 – Preparation is a full­color, special graphic novella installment of the Fiji Random graphic novel series. When 16­-year ­old Fiji Maide’s crazy cos­playing mom, Fujio, forces her daughter to help with a not so meticulously planned garage sale, Fiji discovers a box with a shocking surprise inside.

This peculiar garage sale features a scatter­brained mom in a helpful French maid costume, a 16­ year-­old girl dressed in her mother’s rather risqué bunny suit, and another teenage girl sporting cat ears. And as if this maid­themed garage sale isn’t odd enough, Fiji has to fend off a creep who wants to purchase her bunny costume for his own questionable enjoyment.

Fiji Random‘s comedic storyline is further driven by artist Justin Raimey’s distinctive art style, which fuses Japanese manga­style art with the American art style that most comic readers are familiar with. The all­female cast of characters within this title are multi­-dimensional and their actions and dialogue are very unpredictable. Despite the adorable appearance of Fiji Random’s cast of characters, this title’s humor is PG­13 in nature, which adds unexpected shock value to the story itself. Fiji Random Garage Maid Special 01 – Preparation is available from the publisher at blackstreakstore.com and is recommended for readers ages 12 and up.

The publisher of the Fij Random series, Black Streak Entertainment, publishes teen fiction books, comics, and graphic novels featuring diverse characters of various ethnicities, skin tones, and social backgrounds, including mixed­race characters. Black Streak also produces products like button­pins, stickers and art prints featuring these characters. Every character and published work under the Black Streak Entertainment label are the brainchildren of brothers Justin and Terry L. Raimey.

About Black Streak Entertainment
Black Streak Entertainment seeks to do what modern-­day mainstream youth entertainment refuses to; that is, to represent kids and teens of color through creating appealing characters and storylines that shatter stereotypes and encourage people to think outside of the box. In a world bombarded with monopolized pop­ culture and over­exposed brand names, founders Justin and Terry L. Raimey also seek to bring more variety to the world of comics, teen fiction, animation, and licensed youth products; variety in the cultural appearances of characters and storylines that are relatable to American minorities from all socio-economic classes.


For media inquiries, questions or comments, contact Terry L Raimey at (888) 978-­5385 or at press@blackstreakent.com. To learn more about Black Streak brand products, visit Black Streak Entertainment online at www.blackstreakstore.com