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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Black Educator Turned Entrepreneur Launches Products to Help Children Grow Emotionally Stronger

Karen Cuthrell, founder of The Feeling Friends

Karen Cuthrell, founder of The Feeling Friends®

Nationwide — The Feeling Friends®, created by African American educator and entrepreneur Karen Cuthrell, is a Social Emotional Learning program that teaches children to identify, express, and manage their feelings. The foundation of The Feeling Friends is love is the most important feeling. It is in this love that children grow emotionally stronger.

The Feeling Friends are just what educators need to teach social-emotional learning to their students. It gives children the vocabulary to identify, express, and manage their feelings. The Feeling Friends include professional development for early childhood teachers which helps teachers develop their SEL skills. It also includes direct instruction with effective interventions embedded within the activities, giving children repeated opportunities to practice SEL skills throughout the day. This amazing program engages children’s families so that children have a chance to work on their SEL skills both at school and at home.

The Feeling Friends are also a great tool for parents to teach their children a feelings vocabulary. It provides tools to increase children’s emotional vocabulary. The Feeling Friends introduces emotional vocabulary via stories, characters, and music; and provides the foundation for establishing strong emotional relationships with children. It also allows parents to connect with their children in a way that does not emotionally drain the parent after a long day.

The Feelings Friends can positively influence children’s emotional development by helping them learn, feel safe and express their feelings appropriately via entertaining, educational and interactive experiences. The Feeling Friends’ Educational Kit is a research-based, SEL curriculum which effectively addresses every aspect of education acquisition and provides students with the SEL competencies to ensure “whole-child” cultivation and encourages future success.


About the Founder
Karen Cuthrell is the founder of The Feelings Company, a cutting-edge educational company that creates tools for educators to teach children emotional intelligence at an early age. Their mission is to grow children emotionally stronger. Karen is an entrepreneur, educator, author, researcher and creator of The Feeling Friends Educational Kit, an engaging and all-inclusive educational kit that gives educators the tools to make sure that early learners have the foundation to become emotionally successful.

Education Week reports that only 14 percent of children’s books are written by or include content about people of color which the talented author also belongs. Karen is one of the few African American Women in the Toy Industry, and the first African-American woman to publish a 13-book series and develop an educational kit that pertains to social-emotional learning. Current clients include The District of Columbia Public Schools, Vance County Public Schools, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, Metropolitan Atlanta Head Start and Forsyth County Family Services.

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