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Monday, February 20, 2017

Philadelphia Poet Brings the Issue of Black Women and Depression to the Stage in Karen Moore’s Choreopoem “Poetik Blues: A Sistah’s Story”

Karen Moore

Nationwide — Karen Moore Enterprises with the Sistah Talk session sponsored by Urban Poetik Ministries Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the Empowering Black Women Beyond the Blues Tour featuring performer LaVerne Evans Andrews and a popular writer, producer and performer, Karen Moore. The tour is expected to hit the stage on March 19, 2017.

The concerns and problems regarding the black community have always been real. With the launch of the tour, it is hoped that it will bring greater awareness and an enhanced understanding of the issues.

The primary purpose of the tour is to empower black women to open up about the issues that cause sadness, disappointment and loneliness that can ultimately lead to depression. This has also been launched to address the issues of depression within the black community. Many are aware of the struggles that a lot of black women go through but not many are willing to do something about it.

Many continue with their life oblivious of the pains and struggles that black women experience. With the tour, it is hoped that those within the community will find a safe space where they can express their feelings and emotions and find solace with others. Poetik Blues comes to the stage of CEC Meeting House Theater 3500 Lancaster Ave Philadelphia PA on March 19, with additional cities including Atlanta GA April 29-30; New York NY, Washington D.C, and Camden NJ.

Karen Moore’s Poetik Blues: A Sistah’s Story, a poetry, music and dance production will be featured in the tour. Poetik Blues is the writer’s story, as well as the story of many of her sisters, told through dance, music, prose and poetry. The audience can anticipate more of these remarkable and touching performances during the tour.

Inspiring black women to be more open about the emotional and mental life issues that give them ‘blues’ is what the tour aims to achieve. Sentiments and emotions are written and presented in an entertaining manner to inspire people to act and take the message into their hearts. It is also aimed at bringing some of the issues that the black community experience to the forefront and create a safe environment for sisterhood and dialogue.

Those who attended sessions in the past were able to find comfort, entertainment and satisfaction with “theatrical therapy” in the form of Karen Moore’s Poetik Blues: A Sistah’s Story.

For further details about the tour, please visit their official website at www.karendmoore.com or call 267-­928‐8630.


Karen Moore
Karen Moore Enterprises, LLC