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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Karen Taylor Bass’ Podcast is Undeniably Funny, Inspiring & Raw

A Must-Listen for Women 40+ Discovering their Chapter 2

2019 Lineup Includes Bridgett M. Davis, Lynnette Khalfani Cox, Dante Lee and Roxanne Shante

Karen Taylor Bass

Karen Taylor Bass

New York, NY — “Upon first listening, you are amazed that you’ve just discovered this podcast. I feel like I know the host, she is me, a girlfriend, and then she curses and I say, yes, she is definitely me,” says Wendy Robinson, a listener to the year old, Karen Taylor Bass Podcast (KarenTaylorBass.com/Podcast), that is growing in popularity. The eponymously named podcast is just like the public relations expert turned the host’s personality. Authentic, charismatic, funny, explicit (at times), but, more insightful and real than anything else out there in the growing podcast field. Heard on The Hub News, Spotify, Libsyn, iTunes, Radio Public, Soundcloud, and Art19.

Scheduled guests for January/February include: Lynnette Khalfani Cox, The Money Coach, best-selling author, and personal finance expert; Bridgett M. Davis, teacher, filmmaker and author of The World According to Fannie Davis; Dante Lee, the president and CEO of Diversity City Media, an African American marketing and public relations firm; legendary Hip-Hop MC, Roxanne Shante, and many others. The podcast’s theme for 2019 is – ‘Be Undeniable’ in life, love, finances, career, friendship and for self. Taylor Bass will appear weekly on Sirius XM – Karen Hunter Show starting January 9.

The podcast is becoming a must-listen for women over 40-years old, those bold enough to create a new life, a Chapter 2; this new life is fresh, courageous, authentic, with the sole purpose of taking all the lessons, challenges from 20-35, and starting over. A new episode of the podcast is released on Wednesdays. Karen’s podcast also has listeners in Canada, South Africa, South Korea, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, and Italy.

Creator of the podcast, Karen Taylor Bass, is the Founder, and Media Strategist for TaylorMade Media, LLC. She is award-winning, author, requested speaker, yogi, and has created strategic public relations, branding, and marketing campaigns for celebrities, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, corporations, luxury brands, and athletes for over 25 years.

She comments, “I wanted to create an honest and cathartic show for women, especially Black women over 40. Black and brown women are not celebrated. Perhaps those in charge don’t think we are sexy, smart and important to the dialogue, but we are. We move the dial on everything – from family, economy, beauty, lifestyle, culture, and wellness. My show features the best and brightest people (experts), having a heartfelt conversation. The podcast talks about the ‘ish’ of getting older, subjects that people shy away from. If I am going through it, then we will talk about it. Everything from perimenopause, divorce, entitled children, rediscovering the sexy, wellness, friendship, career and all the ‘ish’ in between.”

Taylor Bass will also be sharing her journey on the podcast as she completes her 200 hours of Registered Yoga Training, to become a certified teacher in the yoga practices of Hatha, Vinyasa, Pranayama, and meditation.

Karen has been featured as a PR Expert in several media outlets including Dr. Oz, Washington Post, CNN, BET, NBC Today, Fox-TV, ABC-TV, CBS-TV, PIX-11, Entrepreneur, Essence, Newsday, NY Daily News and more. Karen Taylor Bass’ podcast has been featured in the Philadelphia Tribune, The Network Journal and Toya Beasley’s She Speaks Show on Cumulus Radio (103.9 NY).

Glenda Holder, a veteran producer, and writer says, “True story. The podcast started randomly playing from my speakerphone. A glitch in the matrix I guess. It was the episode with Jill Scott, the VIP and being yelled at. The show was hilarious and demonstrates the best of what Karen brings to the table. She brings life and honesty.”

Karen adds, “I have done 58 shows so far, and each show confirms that there are many stories to be told from a grown woman’s perspective. I want people to be free, heal, release, love and be undeniable. My audience and I are growing together in Chapter 2.”

For interviews, learn more about Karen Taylor Bass or her podcast, visit www.KarenTaylorBass.com or contact her at info@taylormademediapr.com, 516-537-8591. Connect on social media @KarenTaylorBass and hashtag for all podcast: #KTBChapter2.


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